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Vietnam Accommodation - What You Should Know as a First Time Traveler


Aug 27, 2021 · 6 mins read

Vietnam is hands-down one of the best countries to visit in Asia - and also one of the cheapest. It’s a whole collection of breathtaking tourist attractions from serene mountain peaks to lush rice fields, which will make your stay fulfilling.

But speaking of staying, where should you stay while in Vietnam? There’s a whole range of options that can be chosen depending on your needs. But the best thing about accommodation in Vietnam is probably its inexpensiveness. You can even book yourself a luxury hotel room for a fraction of the money you would pay back home. But what does each option bring with it? Let’s have a look at Vietnam accommodation.


Travelling on an especially tight budget? You might want to consider Vietnamese hostels, which give you both the chance to socialize and rest comfortably. Shared hostel rooms come with the basic facilities, beds, bathrooms and perhaps a kitchen. But if sharing a toilet seat is not your type of thing, you can also book a private room and live on your own terms.

Some guesthouses in Vietnam also have attached hostels with rooms you can book. Also, in Hanoi there are a handful of youth hostels run by Hostelling International. You’ll need a Youth Hostel card to stay in these.

If you travel solo, hostels might be perfect for you as you get to meet other people, maybe even other travellers! And of course, hostels are great accommodation on a budget. The price for a shared room is about $3-$4, but a private room is only a few dollars more expensive.


Hang Nga guesthouse in Dalat @ saiko3p / Adobe Stock

Guesthouses are another type of budget accommodation that are spread across Vietnamese big cities. Guesthouses are generally more privacy-friendly than hostels, and they come with lots of exciting amenities. You may get air-conditioning, television services and proper ventilation, though at higher rates and not every guesthouse has the same amenities.

Guesthouses are a lot like hostels, but with privacy. Those of you who value your privacy may opt for these instead of hostels. You can easily spend your time alone or with a partner without being pestered by roommates, or having to share all the facilities with them. However, the prices are higher due to this aspect too, and you could be required to pay about $15 for one night’s stay.

Mid Range Hotel

PHU QUOC, VIETNAM JUNE 28, 2017 Interior of modern comfortable hotel room @ makistock / Adobe Stock

Sometimes the best place to stay is a hotel. The comfort and convenience of a Vietnamese hotel is unmatched by any other accommodation type. And the fact that these hotels can actually be very affordable just makes them better! The mid range hotels in Vietnam are especially there so you can have a good time at an astonishing time. But don’t think they lag behind in amenities in the least. Vietnamese middle range hotels almost always have air conditioning, free wifi,television, mini fridges, hot water, cozy furnishing and telephones.

Mid range hotels will be perfect for those of you who like comfort at affordable prices for few nights. They’re also better if you have your children with you as it can be more comfortable. In about $25 dollars, you can carry your luggage into a 3-star Hanoi hotel offering free breakfast and flat-screen TV! And for about $50 you can enjoy spa facilities right at your hotel!

Luxury Hotel

beautiful villa on the great place, sea view @ chachanit / Adobe Stock

Just because Vietnam is an otherwise cheap country doesn’t mean it’s low on luxury. International chains mainly operate 5-star hotels in Vietnam’s major cities of Hoi Chinh Minh City and Hanoi. But recently, places like Nha Trang, Da Nang, Da lat and Hoi An are also seeing tourism development with the opening of luxury hotels in the main tourist areas. The top facilities of swimming pools, bars, air conditioned rooms and excellent staff give you value for your money. Plus, just like most other Vietnames accommodation types, luxury hotels are cheaper than elsewhere in the world.

While luxury hotels are more affordable than they are in, for example, in the US, they’re still the most expensive option out of them all. Therefore, they’ll only suit you if you have the money for them. To give you an idea, one night’s stay in a Hanoi 5-star hotel could cost you about $100. It increases from there. However, the finest Vietnamese luxury hotels provide you with fine-dining, top-of-the-line spas, room service, and other excellent services for about $400 per night.


Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam at twilight @ Hanoi Photography / Adobe Stock

Homestays are probably the most interesting type of Vietnam accommodation. Homestays are local residences that welcome foreign guests for staying and exploring Vietnam the local way. You can easily find homestays in rural areas where the local communities are eager to show you their way of life and the beauty of Vietnam. These warm guests take care of your every need, and make you feel like a part of their family! From their languages, to their everyday routines, you get to witness it all.

Homestays have a range of facilities, including the 3 meals, tea and coffees and comfortable bedding and bathing spaces. You’ll know to trust these hosts because they have to meet certain standards before they can invite foreigners to live with them. One travel advice is that you should take mosquito nets and your own blankets as it gets pretty cold at night in the mountainous regions. These facilities are normally provided to you by your host, but you’d rather keep them just in case.

Homestays are best for those who want to learn about Vietnamese culture and practices. The activities you can do with your hosts are countless. Apart from the meals that you eat beside them, you can also ask them to show you around their villages, teach you how to cook local cuisines, and even show commercial processes like farming. The prices for homestays can range from $10-$20 in most rural areas, making it both affordable and a great way to spend your trip in Vietnam.


Tents in Hang Son Doong cave, the largest cave in the world by passage volume in Quang Binh province, Vietnam @ Hanoi Photography / Adobe Stock

As you already know, Vietnam has a huge number of beautiful landscapes and sceneries. One of the best ways to enjoy this natural beauty is by camping in Vietnam. The many campsites located throughout Vietnam, from the hillside to the beaches, means you can choose your favorite landscape to camp at. Moreover, there are 3 different kinds of accommodation within camping, and these are cloth tents, cabins and wooden bungalows. The prices vary with each type, with tents obviously being the cheapest form.

Camping in Vietnam is perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. The potential of fun activities make it something to consider if you’re in an energetic mood. You can also partake in exciting activities in some Vietnamese campties. These include excursions to different areas along with an assigned guide. However, not all campsites offer activities to campers and may only include a basic site for tent set-up. These basic tents can cost about $5 per day, while cabins or bungalows can cost about $15 for a single day. You can camp during the night but make sure you have mosquito nets as no one likes a restless night!

You should also consider the time of the year if you’re interested in camping, as weather conditions can leave a bad taste and ruin your trip.

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