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7 Awesome Things you must do in Korea


Aug 27, 2021 · 9 mins read

South Korea is the place where all your vacation dreams can come true! It’s filled with some of the best beaches, museums, clubs, historic sites and natural sites in the whole world. The peaceful environment in Korea’s hilly regions offer a great contrast to busy city life, and that’s what makes Korea the complete package. You can both relax and have some adventure in the country.

But if you’re having a tough time figuring out what to do in Korea, don’t worry! This article will sum up the things to do in Korea.


  1. Try Local Cuisine & Dishes
  2. Enjoy Outdoor Activities
  3. Admire Interesting Architecture & Art
  4. Immerse the Upbeat KPOP
  5. Visit World Heritage Site
  6. Experience Island Life
  7. Get Involved in Korean Festival & Event

1) Try Local Cuisine & Dishes

Korean traditional food. anyway very famous international food. @ kowitstockphoto / Adobe Stock

The Korean experience will be incomplete if you don’t some authentic Korean dishes. Krean cuisines is one of the spiciest, tastiest and most multi-dimensional in the world. It isn’t short on either savory or sweet dishes. People love trying authentic food while in Korea. The best part is that it can be bought from the most expensive restaurant and cheapest food stall and there’s no end to the deliciousness in either.

Here are some famous Korean foods that you must try while in Korea:

2) Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Bukhansan National Park, South Korea @ CJ Nattanai / Adobe Stock

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy in South Korea. This may come as a surprise as Korea is known for its busy metropolises, but it’s true. South Korea has all the facilities, as well as the natural settings to enjoy a day out hiking, skiing or doing any other outdoor activity. People love South Korea as an adventure-filled destination due to the many weathers the country had simultaneously and the many amazing landscapes.

Here are some outdoor activities that you can enjoy while you’re in South Korea:

3) Admire Interesting Architecture & Art

A Korean drummer at pansori playing @ Yeongsik Im / Adobe Stock

Korea is a historic nation rich in culture and heritage. This is also reflected in the country’s famous architectural and artistic pieces. The Koreans had a distinct style in construction that can be seen across its temples and other buildings.

People love visiting these sites for educational and insightful purposes. You get to learn not only about the Korean way of life as it was in the past, but also the way the nation interpreted art, entertainment and architecture.


Visual Arts

Traditional visual arts were influenced by Chinese and Buddhist art styles. They used to be colorful, involving ink brush painting and had other originally Chinese styles. On the other hand, the modern visual arts in Korea include the famous dansaekhwa or monochrome painting which emerged in the 1970s. This style still remains important today with various major Korean artists adopting it. Nam June Paik is the most famous Korean painter.

Mural Village

There are many mural villages across Korea and one of them is theIhwa Mural Village in the Seoul region. The mural village has murals drawn on its walls from artists all over Korea. It’s a beautiful part of the Korean culture and one that you must see.

Performance Arts

Pansori is one of the many performance arts found in Korea. It involves a solo woman flicking her fan dramatically and singing along to the drumbeats of her male partner. Changgeuk is performed by a larger group. Other performance arts include samulnori, salpuri and talchum.



Korean temples are a major part of Korean heritage and culture. They are over 900 in number. These Buddihst temples offer tributes to the holy figure in the form of fascinating statues. Some famous temples in Korea are Bongjeongsa Temple in Seoul, the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple and many others.


Palaces built by major Korean dynasties still stand in Korea today and act as reminders of Korea’s glorious past. In 1395 C.E The Joseon dynasty built 5 palaces and the largest one of them was named Gyeongbokgung palace. The design is distinctly Korean and the palace is spread on over 40 hectares of land. ANother major palace in Korea is the Changdeokgung palace, also known as East Palace. Both of these palaces represent Korean architecture at its finest.

Other architecture

Other architectural structures such as the Seoul Olympic Stadium are also very famous and have been built along modern standards of construction. These advanced structures hold events, are tourist attractions and earn revenue for the Korean economy.

4) Immerse the Upbeat KPOP

Statue and Tourists taking photos of the beautiful scenery around at Nami Island in seoul,South Korea,19 November 2019. @ Phuaorneer / Adobe Stock

Kpop is a hybrid of the terms Korean and Pop. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry today with Korean stars being famous all over the world for their upbeat music and groovy dance moves. You can enjoy Kpop while in Korea by buying merchandise, listening to records or even attending concerts!

5) Visit World Heritage Site

Namhansanseong Fortress in Seoul , South Korea @ CJ Nattanai / Adobe Stock

South Korea is not short on world heritage sites either. UNESCO has declared a considerable part of the country worthy of the world heritage site title. These sites are great tourist attractions as well, and if you like sightseeing, you should definitely pay a visit! Visitors usually end up loving them due to the care with which the Korean government has maintained them and kept them open for public leisure.

Here are some of the most famous World Heritage Sites in Korea:

6) Experience Island Life

Grassfields and fence with view over ocean and Ilchulbong in the background, Seongsan, Jeju Island, South Korea @ Loes Kieboom / Adobe Stock

Korean Islands are a must-visit when you go to Korea. The serene environment on these islands, away fro the hustle-bustle of the big cities, gives you the chnace to retire and reflect. These islands are very popular with tourists but still maintain their peaceful atmosphere. You can have a relaxing time here! Tourists love them for this reason too.

7) Get Involved in Korean Festival & Event

Jinju Namgang Yudeung or lanterns festival with traditional lanterns illuminated at night floating on Nam river Jinju South Korea @ Keitma / Adobe Stock

The Korean people seem to be a very cheerful lot - at least from the number of festivals they have each year! The many different festivals are either cultural or in celebration of different achievements. These festivals are overflowing with colors, laughter and all things joyful. And this is why you should try to attend at least one while in Korea.

The Korean people are very welcoming of even people of different ethnicities. They swear by “the more the merrier” saying and will treat you like one of their own. This is why travelers have no hesitation taking part in Korean festivals. If not anything, they’re a great way to spend time in a joyful atmosphere.

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