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The 8 Best Things to do in Thailand from Iconic to Hidden Gems


Aug 27, 2021 · 9 mins read

If you’re a fan of travelling, you’ll have some serious fun in Thailand! The Asian country known for its beauty and charm deserves all of these credits. You’ll find everything - from breathtaking beaches to magnificent temples and religious sites.

And with a well-developed tourism sector, there are surely many things that you can do in Thailand as a visitor. The attractive locations all offer a range of activities so that you don’t get bored even for a moment while in Thailand.


  1. Visit Temple
  2. Try Local Food
  3. Join Festival
  4. Chill at the Beach
  5. Visit Local Market
  6. Rafting
  7. Caving
  8. Wellness

1) Visit Temple

Wat Rong Khun temple in Chiangrai, Thailand. @ tawatchai1990 / Adobe Stock

In case you didn’t know, Thailand is a buddhist-majority country. Although other religions such as Hinduism are also present in the country, you’ll find a huge number of buddhist temples - called Wat in Thai - throughout Thailand.

If you take a tour of Thailand, you’ll find just how valuable these wats are to Thai people. They not only consider it a sacred place of worship, but also as a place to stop by in times of worry and chat with a monk, and a place which is pure. Therefore, temples make up an essential part of the beloved country we call Thailand, and any trip to the country is incomplete if you don’t see these temples.

Visiting temples is interesting for both personal and communal reasons. Not only do they give you a chance to reflect and retreat, but also see the lifestyle of traditional Thai people.

In total, there are more than 40,000 temples in Thailand, Even though not all of them are functional today, there are some that have kept their importance alive and are very popular. The following are some popular wats in Thailand:

2) Try Local Food

Pad Thai - Thai traditional food and popular street food in Thailand. @ Sharif_Whitebear / Adobe Stock

Thai cuisine is well-known all around the world, especially for the unusual ingredients oftentimes (read: insects). But one thing’s for certain, people all around the world love Thai food, and what’s better than trying it right where it’s from?

Trying Thai food is a must while in Thailand. This is because the authentic Thai flavor can only be found in Thailand and visitors get to know the major differences in the flavor back home. Thai food, especially street food, is also very cheap, making it affordable for many people.

Alongside having several high-end restaurants, Thailand has food stalls on regular streets serving up authentic Thai food. Many famous Thai dishes such as Pad Thai can be bought from street food vendors with ease.

The following are some Thai foods that you must try while in Thailand:

3) Join Festival

Loy Krathong festival, People buy flowers and candle to light and float on water to celebrate the Loy Krathong festival in Thailand @ galitskaya / Adobe Stock

Festivals in Thailand are another major part of the Thai experience. These festivals feature many things, from cultural practices to religious rituals, and you should definitely become a part of at least one.

Thai festivals are very popular among tourists because they offer a view of the way Thai people like to celebrate. Also, the festivities, colors and celebrations make for a fun and enjoyable time.

The following are some popular Thai festivals:

4) Chill at the Beach

Aerial drone view of in kayak in crystal clear lagoon sea water during summer day near Koh Lipe island in Thailand. Travel tropical island holiday concept @ stryjek / Adobe Stock

Thai beaches are clean, soothing and amazing. Visiting these beaches can elevate your experience in Thailand and you should definitely give them a try. These beaches are usually crowded for these very reasons and you’ll likely see other tourists just like you.

People love Thai beaches because of the many activities you can do there. From snorkelling to scuba diving, to having beachside parties, Thai beaches will give you an experience of a lifetime.

5) Visit Local Market

BangkokThailand - 18 June 2020 Unacquainted Thai People or Tourist in Bangkok China Town Thailand,China Town bangkok The famous Street Food in thailand @ Sumeth / Adobe Stock

And is any trip complete without shopping? It’s not! Shopping in Thailand’s local markets can involve either visiting street markets, or even floating markets where trade takes place on boats. Local markets in Thailand are quite interesting because they offer a lot of variety at low prices.

Visitors love shopping in Thailand due to not only the cheap rates, but also the colors and environments of these markets.

The following are some famous street markets in Thailand:

On the other hand, the concept of floating markets is a bit different. You hop onto a boat and the person who helps move your boat takes you along the water where you can find all kinds of goods on the banks. You may then instruct the driver to stop wherever you want and buy whatever you want. Isn’t that fun?

The following are some famous floating markets in Thailand:

6) Rafting

Rafting,Adventure travel, adventure, rafting the Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand @ ownza / Adobe Stock

The large number of water bodies in Thailand means you can do most activities that require water. This includes rafting which is popular among many travellers. Safety equipment is provided to you and you row your raft across the unruly water the way you want.

Travellers enjoy rafting in Thailand because it involves adventure. It’s a non-traditional activity too so the ones who are a bit daring like to go for it. You should definitely try rafting in Thailand if you identify as an adventure seeker!

Here are the 2 top places to raft within Thailand:

7) Caving

Khao Luang cave in Phetchaburi, Thailand @ nuttawutnuy / Adobe Stock

You should try caving because it’s a unique experience travellers usually like to gain. The caves are accessible to tourists easily and this makes it a must that you visit.

The following are some popular caves open to tourists in Thailand:

8) Wellness

Preparing traditional thai food @ sitriel / Adobe Stock

Once you’re done with all the adventure and all the wandering, won’t you love the perfect relaxing stay at a spa, receiving a massage the Thai way, sipping on a cocktail, getting all your tiredness pulled away?

Well, a Thai massage might shake you up a bit, but it’s the most relaxing thing ever! Thai massages consist of lots of smacking and hitting, and even the masseuse literally walking all over you, but you turn out more energized than you’ve ever been. A Thai massage is different from other massages in that it doesn’t involve as much oil-rubbing and gentle-touching!

Other forms of wellness activities include yoga. You can do yoga at Thai gyms, or at special yoga centres. Moreover, yoga is also a common practice in Buddhism and you may be able to do it in temples. It may be the perfect stretch and twist after a long day of travelling.

Luxury spas are another great thing about the Thai wellness industry. These spas offer the most soothing services including facials, manicures, pedicures and much more to get you all tidied up and rejuvenated!

Cookery classes are yet another simple yet fun activity. You may learn the recipes of your favorite Thai dishes by experts and find a new love for all things cooking.

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