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17 Best Restaurants in Bugis That Serves Delicious Food!

17 Best Restaurants in Bugis That Serves Delicious Food!

Faraz Jamal

Mar 20, 2023 · 11 mins read

Your trip to bugis is complete until you have tried the food from the best restaurants. Check out the guide for the 17 Best restaurants in Bugis to unlock the ultimate joy of your trip. 

Bugis, in Malay, is famous for traveling due to its colorful and lively scenery. It has many amazing cafes, intercontinental Singapore restaurants, and bars. It's also a center to Haji lane, kampong glam, and Arab street, having many cafes, boutiques, a national design center, and shops.

When traveling to Bugis, you have many restaurant options, but the search for authentic restaurants is always ongoing for you if you are an authentic food lover. Whether you want Chinese cuisine, prefer american street food, love Italian dishes, or feel much joy in eating from Japanese menu or Mexican food, this article has all you need to know about the best food in bugis.

1) Monster Curry

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Monster Curry
Monster Curry | facebook.com/MonsterCurrySG

Monster curry is one of the well-known Japanese restaurants in bugis offering traditional-style Japanese curry. The calm, family-friendly ambiance of the restaurant is capable enough to hold a larger crowd. With incredible service, you will have a magnificent experience of Japanese cuisine here. 

Prepared with 14 different vegetables and spices, after a 2-day cooking process, the demi-glace curry is all you need to appetize your taste buds. In addition, the must-try Japanese dishes from the monster curry are a fish burger, their different soup bases, monster premium steak curry, chicken cutlet curry rice, salmon fry omelet curry, miso soup, teriyaki chicken, and more. The delicate and hygienic cooking process in monster curry makes it the halal restaurant in bugis serving fantastic food.

Address: 200 Victoria Street B1-04/K24 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Call: +6562661708
Website: Monster Curry | Facebook | Instagram

2) Josh's Grill

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Josh's Grill
Josh's Grill | minorfoodsingapore.com

Josh's grill is a fantastic western restaurant located on victoria street, Singapore, famous for serving delicious food. This bugis junction Singapore 188021 restaurant's unique ambiance is excellent enough to hook you until the mouthwatering dish is on the table. With top-notch services and affordable pricing, you will love eating in the affordable restaurant in bugis.

Their must-try dishes on the menu are Mushroom soup, Broccoli, Fish and chips, Mac & cheese, Soft complimentary buns, Tomato soup, and Josh's famous onion rings.

With many main eating options, the Josh grill also offers a lot of side options. Moreover, for the BBQ lover, perfectly cooked and tenderized lamb ribs are all they need for their craving for amazing food. 

Address: 200 Victoria Street #01-69 Bugis Junction Singapore 188021
Call: +6563378633
Website: Josh's Grill | Instagram


Best Restaurants in Bugis - MA MAISON
MA MAISON | facebook.com/mamaisonsg

MA Maison is home to the unique fusion of Japanese culture and Singaporean dishes. Located on Victoria Street Singapore, bugis junction 188021, this restaurant in bugis is a spot of unique attraction for Japanese food lovers. The excellent and attentive staff services, attractive ambiance, and crowd-favorite environment force the customers to visit the MA Maison restaurant again and again.

Signature MA Maison hamburg steak and Sirloin steak infused with flavors are must-try for a typical steak lover. Popular dishes include omurice with beef stroganoff, Tonkatsu set, garlic Escargot, strawberry tart, seafood paella, and onion gratin soup from the MA Maison menu. Wallet-friendly prices of this restaurant make it the most visited restaurant on bugis junction Singapore 188021.

Address: 200 Victoria St, #02 - 51, Singapore 188021
Call: +6563384819
Website: MA MAISON | Facebook | Instagram

4) Xin Wang Hong Kong Café

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Xin Wang Hong Kong Café
Xin Wang Hong Kong Café | facebook.com/xinwanghkcafe

Xin wany hong kong cafe is a hong kong style fast food restaurant in Victoria street, Singapore, with a classy and unique ambiance. The cool and catchy environment with outside and inside seating arrangements can hook a more extensive crowd while waiting for your delectable dishes. 
Infused with flavors, the steamed char siew bun and milk tea are signature dishes from the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Besides this, their extensive menu includes egg-fried rice, spicy shrimp wanton, olive fried rice with pork chop, crispy prawn, lychee, tender pork century egg porridge, soup noodle, red bean pancake, HK-style curry chicken, and more to give to the ultimate experience of eating in an affordable restaurant in bugis.

Address: 201 Victoria St, #01-02/K1 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Call: +6565090350
Website: Xin Wang Hong Kong Café | Facebook

5) Poulet – Bugis+

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Poulet – Bugis+
Poulet– Bugis+ | facebook.com/PouletSingapore

With a casual and cozy atmosphere and lovely welcome ambiance, the Poulet is a top-rated halal restaurant in bugis. With many dining options and various menus, the Poulet has everything to elevate the joy of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

 The flavorsome and fine dining options include mushroom soup, milk pudding, truffle fries, mango pudding, tiramisu, tom yum soup, roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, French onion soup, and meatballs from this halal establishment. You can also book a table for yourself as this restaurant accepts reservations, so you can immediately get directed to your table rather than standing in the queue and save time.

Address: 201 Victoria St, #04-12 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Call: +6565099411
Website: Poulet– Bugis+ | Facebook | Instagram

6) Haidilao Hot Pot @ Bugis+

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Haidilao Hot Pot @ Bugis+
Haidilao Hot Pot @Bugis+ | facebook.com/HaidilaoSingapore

Haidilao hot pot is a well-known restaurant located in Victoria Street, Singapore, that has been delivering quality and perfection to food for 20 years. The soothing ambiance and elegant and classy presentation style of this restaurant makes it somewhat incredible from other eatery in Bugis.

Perfect dim sum place for its lovers, this Chinese restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine. From dim sum menu to impeccable Chinese food, the Haidilao hot pot @Bugis restaurant provides everything a typical Chinese cuisine lover demands. Haidilao-styled noodles, tasty soup, slice pork belly, and beancurd are among their famous dishes.

 Other menu items include tom yum prawn pasta, white rice, tiger prawn, dim sum, Chinese bullfrog, and more. Moreover, they also offer foursome sauces and beers to keep your dining table balanced.

Address: 201 Victoria St, #04-10 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Call: +6569086166
Website: Haidilao Hot Pot @Bugis+ | Facebook | Instagram

7) Nando's Bugis Junction

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Nando's Bugis Junction
Nando's Bugis Junction | nandos.com.sg

Located on Bugis junction Singapore 18802, Nando is a famous chicken restaurant offering infused flavored chicken, grilled chicken, and spiced chicken for chicken lovers. The Nando restaurant offers many services, including dine-in and takeaway, and they also deliver savor dishes to your doorstep.

The mouthwatering dishes from this restaurant includes chicken wings, garlic bread, salad, Nandos chicken, 14 chicken meal, chicken trinchado, chicken butterfly, mashed potato, loaded chips, drumstick and summer rice bowl, peri-peri wedges and chargrilled chicken veg, and more. Have the juicy, spicy, fresh, and well-cooked chicken with a delicious aroma perfect for your chicken craving.

Address: 200 Victoria St, #01-85/86/87 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Call: +6563386555
Website: Nando's Bugis Junction | Facebook

8) Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar | facebook.com/garibaldirestaurant

Garibaldi is an authentic Italian restaurant in bugis with a stylish and modern ambiance. The cozy dining area is fascinating, crowd-friendly, and does not get overstuffed or unmanageable. They stand out from other restaurants in Singapore because of their remarkable presentation. 

With many dining options for brunch, lunch, and dinner, the garibaldi restaurant offers many tasty items of Italian cuisine. The popular items are Cold angel hair with snow crab meat, Homemade tiramisu with cocoa, and Fresh oyster lemon & tabasco.

Chocolate tart and white truffle are also on the menu to end your meal on a sweet note.

The dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients directly imported from Italy. Moreover, alcohol, beer, cocktails, wine, coffee, and spirits are offered to meet everyone's needs. Unlock the ultimate joy of dining by visiting the Garibaldi Italian restaurant.

Address: 36 Purvis St, #01-02, Singapore 188613
Call: +6568371468
Website: Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar | Facebook

9) Genki Sushi Bugis+

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Genki Sushi Bugis+
Genki Sushi Bugis+ | facebook.com/GenkiSushiSg

Perfect for the craving for Japanese cuisine, the Genki sushi bugis+ is a restaurant near Bussorah street introducing flavorful Japanese cuisine in Singapore. The ideal, casual, family-friendly environment and the crowd's favorite place to go, Genki sushi bugis+ is an easily accessible restaurant for mouthwatering bugis food.

Delicious Japanese food items in this restaurant include grilled Salmon, yellow tail sashimi, udon, mentaiko fries, beef don, cheese mochi, EBI tempura, Genki sushi, inari sushi, and more.

The broader menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, Dai man Zoku, dessert beverages, rice, noodles, sashimi, rolls, sushi, and other items. The dishes are available at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy Japanese cuisine in bugis.

Address: 201 Victoria St, #01-13 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Call: +6569572732
Website: Genki Sushi Bugis+ | Facebook

10) Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen
Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen | facebook.com/miammiam.sg

Miam Miam French Japanese cafe kitchen is a modern Cafe in Bugis. It is a fusion restaurant with an elegant, soothing, and cozy ambiance. The crowd-friendly environment with many dining options elevates your experience of brunch, dinner, and lunch.

Also, check the delicious dessert here for complete satisfaction with your sweet tooth. 

Delicious items on the menu include miam miam spaghetti, carbonara, miam famous french toast, squid pasta, caramelized banana pancake, and more at affordable prices are offered in this well-known restaurant.

The Miam miam french Japanese cafe also has an extensive range of alcohol, coffee, beer, wine, and other drink options to satisfy its customers.

Address: 200 Victoria St, #02 - 14, Singapore 188021
Call: +6568370301
Website: Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram

11) Meow Barbecue

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Meow Barbecue
Meow Barbecue | facebook.com/MeowBarbecue

Meow barbecue is an affordable, authentic, and popular eatery for barbecue lovers. On entering the restaurant, the ambiance gives you a vibe of a typical Chinese restaurant in Bugis. 

The savory aroma of the signature BBQ in this charming restaurant is enough to level up your appetite. Their main course includes signature BBQ, Iberico Pork, meow pudding, signature spicy beef, beef platter, roast, and more at prices lighter on your wallet.

This restaurant accepts reservations, so book your table before coming and get directly at the table without wasting time lining up in a queue. The restaurant offers to pay via different options such as Debit cards and NFC mobile payment to ensure hassle-free payment.

Address: 201 Victoria St, #01-17 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Call: +6580384659
Website: Facebook | Instagram

12) En Sushi

Best Restaurants in Bugis - En Sushi
En Sushi | facebook.com/ensushisg

If you are looking for an impeccable Japanese restaurant on Bussorah street in Singapore, then En Sushi is the first place to go, where you will find Japanese cuisine with creativity and perfection. The classy wooden interior and casual atmosphere make it a must-visited stylish eatery in Singapore, offering the best value for money.

En Sushi features a wider range menu, including Bara Chirashi Don, Sliced beef steak, Chawanmushi, Tofu cheesecake, Yakitori, En sashimi, soft shell crab salmon aburi maki, chicken katsu curry rice, and more.

They also have an extensive alcohol menu, hand roll, hot food, and others. The service in the En sushi restaurant is prompt and excellent, so that you may have the best dining experience here.

Address: 112 Middle Rd, #01-00B Midland House, Singapore 188970
Call: +6562598548
Website: En Sushi | Facebook | Instagram

13) Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons | keisuke.sg/tonkotsu-king-four-seasons-bugis-village

Famous for its unique interior and beautiful catchy ambiance, the Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King four seasons is a well-known ramen restaurant in Bugis Village, bugis street Singapore. 

The popular menu from this restaurant includes Tonkotsu king Ramen, hearty bowls of ramen noodles, autumn ramen, coca cola green tea, and spring ramen. Hot and sour soup, spicy pork, winter ramen bowl, fried rice, free-flow bean sprouts, and wasabi ginger Ale are also among their tasteful items.

They also offer a variety of drinks, including beer and alcohol, for balanced dining. Due to their incredible services, they deliver intense flavors to your dining tables and your doorsteps.

Address: 158 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188433
Call: +6563335740
Website: Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons | Facebook

14) TANYU Bugis Junction

Best Restaurants in Bugis - TANYU Bugis Junction
TANYU Bugis Junction | facebook.com/TANYUSG

TANYU Bugis Junction is a Chinese restaurant located on victoria street, bugis junction Singapore 188021. TANYU Bugis junction is home to premium grilled fish cooked by various methods to level up the taste of your tastebuds.

The soothing and comfy environment is preferable for those who want to dine-in in a relaxing atmosphere. The must-have dishes are Grilled fish with soy sauce flavor, Mala soup, grilled lamb, spicy chicken noodles, and dumplings with chili. The other dishes include flavorful grilled oysters, grilled fish with green pepper, sweet potato noodles, roasted scallops, and spicy pork.

Moreover, they also offer various drink options such as lemon and lime drinks, Tsingtao beer, plum drink, water chestnut, and more full of deliciousness and taste.

Address: 200 Victoria Street 02-45 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Call: +6562655655
Website: TANYU Bugis Junction | Facebook | Instagram

15) HUSK Nasi Lemak

Best Restaurants in Bugis - HUSK Nasi Lemak
HUSK Nasi Lemak | facebook.com/husknasilemak

HUSK Nasi lemak is an Asian fusion restaurant in bugis cube Singapore. If you are searching for an Asian-style restaurant in Singapore, then your search ends here at the fantastic eatery with amazing eating options.

The fusion of local and western flavors in this Asian restaurant is enough for your craving for authentic food at the best value for money. 

The signature dishes from their extensive Malay food menu are Nasi lemak, Beef rendang, Fish filet in assam relish, tahu, and mutton set. Besides this, they also offer a tasty menu of middle eastern food to delight your taste buds during the busy lunch and dinner hours. The cozy and calm atmosphere with a beautiful interior will keep you hooked until the intense flavors of flavor dishes do not arrive on your table.

Address: 470 North Bridge Rd, #03-21 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735
Call: +6596619159
Website: HUSK Nasi Lemak | Facebook

16) Hey! Yakiniku

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Hey! Yakiniku
Hey! Yakiniku | Google Map

Perfect for meat lovers, the Hey Yakiniku restaurant is the most visited restaurant in Bugis due to its affordable prices and quality services, exclusive of any tax. Nice ambiance and a hygienic environment, this restaurant in Bugis has all that a typical hygienic food lover demands. 

From tenderized beef to well-cooked chicken, the Hey Yakiniku restaurant has everything for a meat lover. Kimchi, Karubi set, pork belly, wagyu set, truffle yakiniku donburi, beef tongue, and flavored chicken are on their popular menu.

However, they offer a variety of side dishes that are perfectly cooked, well grilled, and intensely flavored to elevate the delight of eating in Hey Yakiniku restaurant in bugis.

Address: 80 Middle Rd, #01-92/96 Bugis Junction Singapore 188966
Website: Hey! Yakiniku | Facebook | Instagram

17) Seoul Yummy

Best Restaurants in Bugis - Seoul Yummy
Seoul Yummy | facebook.com/seoulyummy

If you are searching for an affordable yet authentic Korean eatery in bugis, then Seoul Yummy is your best option. The beautiful and fascinating interior and calm and cozy atmosphere make dining a breeze in this restaurant. The top-notch service offered by Seoul yummy restaurants influences customers to visit the restaurant repeatedly.

The Seoul yummy restaurant offers you lunch, dinner, and dessert options and an extensive range of menus. The menu comprises famous Royal army stew, kimchi pancake, chicken soup, bingsu, Sarang Bibimbab, kimchi Jjigae, samgyetang, ramyeon, and more. So, have the ultimate delight of eating Korean cuisine in Seoul Yummy restaurant in Singapore.

Address: 201 Victoria St, #04-11 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Call: +6588894589
Website: Seoul Yummy | Facebook | Instagram

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