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25 Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay 2023

25 Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay 2023

Fahmida K.

Aug 13, 2023 · 14 mins read

Prepare to blast your taste buds through a wild ride through Singapore's culinary landscape at Clarke Quay, the foodie's paradise in the heart of the city. From authentic Asian cuisine to trendy fusion fare, we have curated the best, most affordable restaurants in Clarke Quay and halal restaurants in Clarke Quay Central.

1) Zorba The Greek Taverna

Zorba The Greek Taverna - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Zorba The Greek Taverna | Google Map

Zorba The Greek Taverna, nestled along the Singapore River in 3a River Valley Road 01, Clarke Quay, is a Mediterranean oasis renowned for its authentic Greek cuisine, enchanting waterfront ambience, and warm hospitality. Escape the city's chaos and find solace at this pet-friendly haven, where al-fresco dining, weekend brunches, and spectacular sunsets await.

Indulge in their signature Moussaka and Chicken Souvlaki, or enjoy fan favourites like the Dips Platter with Pita Bread, Taramasalata, lamb rump steak, Tzatziki, Bifteki, and Tomato Soup. Savour the delightful blend of Mediterranean and Asian flavours with dishes like pan-seared seabass and hirines brizoles. To experience the magic of Zorba The Greek Taverna, make your reservation through sevenrooms.com.

Address: 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-02, Singapore 179024
Call: +6582185602
Website: Zorba The Greek Taverna | Facebook | Instagram

2) Haidilao Hot Pot @Clarke Quay

Haidilao Hot Pot - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Haidilao Hot Pot | Google Map

Haidilao Hot Pot at River Valley Road, Clarke Quay is a celebrated global culinary experience, boasting Sichuan-style hot pot and exceptional service. Having a rich history dating back to 1994, this hot pot haven delights guests with its fresh ingredients, secret broth recipe, and remarkable attention to detail.

Dive into their acclaimed dishes like House Made Noodle, Hai Di Lao Style Beef, Crispy Meat, and Duck Gizzards. Indulge in the unique flavours of Tobiko Chunky Prawn Paste, Beef in Milk Bath, and Sichuan Pepperfect Beef tongue alongside Sweet Potato Noodles and Waterfall Potato Strings. Reserve your table through Quandoo or inline, and treat yourself to a hot pot experience like no other at Haidilao Hot Pot in one of the best restaurants at Clarke Quay near Riverside Point.

Address: 3D River Valley Rd, #02-04 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179023
Call: +6563378627
Website: Haidilao Hot Pot @Clarke Quay | Facebook | Instagram

3) Hanjip Korean Grill House

Hanjip Korean Grill House - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Hanjip Korean Grill House | Google Map

Hanjip Korean Grill House, nestled in the heart of Clarke Quay at 3c river valley road, offers an authentic traditional Korean barbecue experience. This expansive eatery features an extensive dine in menu of aged Australia Wagyu, USDA Prime Beef, and Kurobuta Berkshire Pork.

Indulge in signature dishes like Wagyu Striploin, Wagyu Brisket, Pork Belly, and Spicy Chicken Feet, Korean fried chicken accompanied by free-flow barley tea and delightful side dishes. Savour the tender, melt-in-your-mouth flavours of the perfectly grilled meats and the delectable crunch of lettuce wraps. Reserve your table at Hanjip Korean Grill House through Chope and embark on a memorable Korean barbecue journey.

Address: 3C River Valley Rd, #01 - 11 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179022
Call: +6588829011
Website: Hanjip Korean Grill House | Facebook | Instagram

4) Gabbar Bistro & Bar

Gabbar Bistro & Bar - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Gabbar Bistro & Bar | Google Map

Gabbar Bistro & Bar, situated in River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, presents an unforgettable gastronomical experience with lively dinner menu and relaxed weekend brunches, all served with authentic North Indian flavours. This popular spot offers fantastic Bollywood dance nights and a club atmosphere.

Feast on signature dishes like Spicy Chicken Tikka, Fish Amritsari, Rogan Josh, and Achari Paneer while delighting in the scrumptious Papdi Chaat and the unique Paan Ice-Cream. Their weekend brunch offers a variety of vegetarian options, like the Chole Bhature and Vada Pav and unlimited pani puri. Book your table at Gabbar Bistro & Bar through sevenrooms.com for a great time.

Address: Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024
Call: +6587555597
Website: Gabbar Bistro & Bar | Facebook | Instagram

5) Tendon Kohaku The Central

Tendon Kohaku The Central - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Tendon Kohaku The Central | Google Map

Tendon Kohaku, The Central at Clarke Quay, boasts the best Japanese cuisine in town. This restaurant is famous for its flavorful and authentic dishes.

Their signature dish, the Kohaku Tendon, is a heavenly mix of perfectly cooked tempura prawns, chicken, vegetables and topped with a special sauce. The batter is crispy, and the sauce is both sweet and savory, creating a delectable and fulfilling meal. Other popular dishes include the Kaisen Don, a rice bowl topped with fresh seafood, and the Ebi Tendon, which features succulent prawns and vegetables. Book a table at quandoo.sg and enjoy the best tendon experience in town.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #B1-52/53, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562261710
Website: Tendon Kohaku The Central | Facebook | Instagram

6) SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse

SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse | Google Map

SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse, by the Singapore River, offers a convivial atmosphere for executives, families, and friends to gather. With modern and spacious outdoor seating, enjoy an extensive menu of delicious, affordable meals. Choose from various international dishes, including their specialty Rotisserie Spring Chicken.

SQUE has all the right ingredients, including a sweeping selection of 11 draught beers and over 250 bottle beers to quench your thirst. The signature dishes of the restaurant include tender Roasted Spring Chicken, juicy beef cubes mixed with copious amounts of crab meat and prawns, and the classic sausage and mash, perfect for a taste of Britain. The menu features various international dishes such as beer bites, sandwiches, pastas, bar bites and platters to share. Go to sque.com.sg and book a table for a relaxing dining experience with an ice cold beer.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #01-70 The Central, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562221887
Website: SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse | Facebook | Instagram

7) nomVnom Bistro

nomVnom Bistro - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
nomVnom Bistro | Google Map

NomVnom Bistro is a haven for all vegan food lovers. With a mission to promote plant-based fast food while ensuring quality and freshness, the restaurant is known for its mouth-watering and innovative vegan fast food options.

Try their signature dish, The Lions Mane Extreme Burger, with its flawlessly sauced texture and soft bun. The Tempeh Rendang Burger, with its tempeh patty, is a fan favorite, while the black pepper burger is on point taste-wise. Their fries with house-made truffle mayo dip is a must-try. Enjoy the Banana Cake and Chocolate Muffin to end your meal. Book a table at oddle.me for a guilt-free, sustainable, ethical,  delicious vegan fast food experience in Clarke Quay.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #3 - 105 / 106 / 107, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562244996
Website: nomVnom Bistro | Facebook | Instagram

8) Mimi Restaurant

Mimi Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Mimi Restaurant | Google Map

Mimi Restaurant, housed in the 154-year-old Riverhouse, exudes oriental charm and seductive Chinese architecture at 3a River Valley Road. As one of the only two remaining conserved Chinese mansions in Singapore, Mimi has put a contemporary twist to traditional Chinese cuisine, making it a classy and chic spot for those seeking to experience the blend of tradition and modernity.

The restaurant offers a line-up of delicious dishes, including the Unsubtle Truffle Mein, Saucy Crab & Egg Affair, Typhoon Shelter Duck Leg Confit, and Chicken on Fire. Other must-try dishes are the Cheesy Truffle Stuffed Crab Claw, Crispy Lychee' Mochi with Peanut Molten, and the Peking Duck. Book a reservation at sevenrooms.com to experience Mimi's.

Address: 3A River Valley Rd, #01-02 (Level 2 Clarke Quay, The Riverhouse, Singapore 179020
Call: +6588790688
Website: Mimi Restaurant | Facebook | Instagram

9) Little Saigon

Little Saigon - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Little Saigon | Google Map

Little Saigon in River Valley Road, Clarke Quay will shock taste buds with flavor. Adorned with classic Vietnamese lanterns, this restaurant offers modern Vietnamese cuisine, exotic cocktails, and live music that will move you. The restaurant is known for its refreshingly unique menu that combines authentic Vietnamese dishes with party favorites.

Its menu is packed with signature dishes that burst with flavors. Try their seafood, fried spring rolls, prawn cakes, and pork belly, which are all cooked to perfection. Fan favorites include the Vietnamese-style oysters, pho, banh mi, tofu, and their range of rolls and frogs' legs. Visit littlesaigonasia.com to book your table.

Address: 3E River Valley Rd, #01 - 02, Singapore 179024
Call: +6563377862
Website: Little Saigon | Facebook | Instagram

10) Man Man Japanese Unagi

Man Man Japanese Unagi - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Man Man Japanese Unagi | Google Map

Man Man Japanese Unagi, located at Clarke Quay Central, is a unique and unforgettable dining destination. Specializing in traditional Japanese-style and creative fusion dishes, the restaurant is famous for its specialty unagi dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and grilled to perfection.

The unagi dishes are the star of the show, with a perfect balance of flavor and texture that will leave you wanting more. Savor their fan-favorite hitsumabushi with spring onion and onsen egg, or enjoy the tender and tasty roast beef. Other Japanese dishes served include sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen. Man Man Japanese Unagi is a must-visit for any Japanese cuisine enthusiast. Book now at quandoo.sg for a delicious meal.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #B1 - 52 / 53, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562261780
Website: Man Man Japanese Unagi | Facebook

11) Chupitos

Chupitos - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Chupitos | Google Map

Chupitos, Singapore's first and only shooters bar at River Valley Road, near the famous Violet Oon Satay Bar is the perfect spot for those looking for an adventurous night out. With over 130 different shots on the menu, you'll find a drink that suits your fancy. From the fruity to the deadly, the creamier to the stronger, Chupitos has got you covered.

Chupitos also serves delicious popular favorites like the Flaming Alien Brains and Green Fairies, Crispy Chicken Wings bar, tacos, and delightful oyster treats, including their signature truffle fries and calamari rings. This island living meets party jungle sports bar, and restaurant is all about having a good time and enjoying bold flavors and even bolder drinks. Make reservations at sevenrooms.com and get ready for a night to remember.

Address: 3E River Valley Road #01-01, The Circuit, CQ@, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024
Call: +6588509412
Website: Chupitos | Facebook | Instagram

12) Upin Hot Pot

Upin Hot Pot - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Upin Hot Pot | Google Map

Upin Hot Pot is a must-visit for hot pot lovers at Clarke Quay. Known for its homemade soup bases, sauces, and exceptional experience, Upin Hot Pot prides itself on providing high-quality ingredients at an affordable price.

The crowd-favorite dishes are the Sichuan Spicy, Pork Bone, and their specialty Tomato Soup. The homemade tomato broth is a standout, flavorful enough to be enjoyed on its own. Other standout dishes include prime beef, black pork and prawn paste. Upin Hot Pot provides unlimited drinks and sauces for a truly personalized dining experience. Book your table at quandoo.sg or restaurants.sg for an unforgettable hot pot experience.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #03-87, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562215550
Website: Upin Hot Pot | Facebook | Instagram

13) ASTONS Specialities

ASTONS Specialities - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
ASTONS Specialities | Google Map

ASTONS Specialities is one of the Clarke Quay restaurants that offers quality, reasonably priced food in a relaxing and cosy ambience. Renowned for its mouthwatering steaks, delicious chicken chops, and seafood dishes in generous portions, this homegrown steakhouse is a must-visit. The legendary charbroiled steaks, grillwork chicken chop flavours, and surf & turf super combo meal are must-tries. 

Signature dishes like the wagyu beef burger, chargrill chicken-fish combo, Caesar salad, and fried fish with sides of mayo and chilli sauce are popular choices among diners. The Lemon Lime Chicken with wok hei and tangy lemon juice flavour is a must-try with tasty sides such as coleslaw and potato salad. With a picturesque view of the river, friendly staff, and fast service, book a table at quandoo.sg to join in on this amazing Clarke Quay madness.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #03-85, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562223987
Website: ASTONS Specialities

14) Tomo Izakaya, River Valley Road

Tomo Izakaya, River Valley Road - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Tomo Izakaya, River Valley Road | Google Map

Tomo Izakaya in River Valley Road, Clarke Quay is a chic and cosy restaurant that perfectly captures the essence of traditional Japanese izakaya with a youthful twist. The restaurant's decor and food are both minimalist and contemporary, showcasing the best of the seasons with ingredients air-flown twice weekly from Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Market.

Experience the best of Japanese cuisine with Tomo Izakaya's signature dishes, including the Unagi Cream Cheese Maki, KushiYaki skewer platter, and Ochazuke bowl. Also, try the Gyoza with a crispy bottom and soft top and the fresh Sashimi Salad with a refreshing taste that has a wasabi kick in its dressing. To enjoy this contemporary izakaya-style dining experience with quintessential food staples, visit their website and book your table today.

Address: 3A River Valley Rd, #01 - 04, Singapore 179020
Call: +6563330100
Website: Tomo Izakaya | Facebook | Instagram

15) Monster Fish

Monster Fish - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Monster Fish | Google Map

Monster Fish at 3c River Valley Road, Clarke Quay is the place to go for an innovative and unique culinary experience. This restaurant is known for its signature Sichuan dish, Monster Fish in Golden Soup, and other popular dishes like Green Pickled Chilli Monster Fish and Garlic Monster Fish, Fat and Thin Beef, Vinegar Peanuts, and Grilled Pumpkin with Fish. The Mala Pork is a must-try, and the Grilled Fish is hands down the best in Singapore.

Monster Fish also offers a wide variety of tasty side dishes and skewers, dining options such as Grilled Shrimp, Stir-fried Bullfrog, and Grilled Enoki Mushrooms. With so many scrumptious options on the menu, it's hard to choose just one! Make a reservation on Quandoo.sg and prepare for a delicious feast!

Address: 3C, Blk C River Valley Rd, #02-03 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179022
Call: +6569044989
Website: Monster Fish | Facebook

16) BBQ Box Prime

BBQ Box Prime - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
BBQ Box Prime | Google Map

BBQ Box Prime in 3c River Valley Road, Clarke Quay is the ultimate destination for foodies who crave grilled delicacies off skewers. With a selection of live seafood, meat, poultry, veggies, etc., this flagship store offers a smorgasbord of grilled food options that cater to every palate including over 100 alcoholic beverages from around the world.

BBQ Box Prime's signature item is their grilled skewers, served on a warm grill. Fan favourites like the Orleans Flavor Chicken Skewers, Barramundi in Signature Golden Pumpkin Broth and Grilled Live Lobster with Mentaiko and Cheese are highly recommended. Their menu boasts an extensive range of Chef's Recommendations and Specials like American Berkshire Black Pig Skewers, Grilled Pork Jowl Skewers, and Hokkaido Mahokke. Book a table today through quandoo.sg for a special meal with a smoky char.

Address: 3C River Valley Rd, Blk C #01-10 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179022
Call: +6569044989
Website: BBQ Box Prime

17) TungLok Signatures

TungLok Signatures - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
TungLok Signatures | Google Map

TungLok Signatures is a renowned restaurant chain that offers a distinct and multi-sensory culinary experience in Singapore. This is one of the clarke quay restaurants known for its quality and variety, designer ambience, and excellent service. The extensive menu features a mix of classic Cantonese, Shanghainese, and Sichuan cuisine and cutting-edge Modern Chinese dishes.

Their signature dishes are a must-try, including the Roast Suckling Pig Stuffed with Glutinous Rice and Australian Lobster. Don't miss the Flaming Fortune Chicken, Roast Irish Duck, Chilled Australian Lobster with Icy Salad served with Fresh Fruits, and Pan-fried Norwegian Salmon with Mixed Salad. The Steamed Sliced Soon Hock Fish with Parsley in Rice Wine and Peking Duck are highly recommended dishes. Make your reservations now on chope.co and enjoy TungLok Signatures' distinctive touch.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #02-88, Singapore 059817
Call: +6563366022
Website: TungLok Signatures | Facebook | Instagram

18) Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka | Google Map

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Clarke Quay is a popular restaurant that serves authentic and delicious ramen dishes. The aroma of simmering pork bones will greet you the moment you enter the restaurant and immediately make your mouth water.

Their signature dish, the Creamy Shio Ramen, is a must-try. The broth is a rich, creamy flavour that perfectly complements the tender slices of aged Iberico pork cheek. And don't forget about the toppings – the black fungus, bamboo shoot, fishcake, and negi add a satisfying crunch and texture to the dish, while the plum gives it a sweet and tangy finish. Call their number to book your spot for a ramen experience you won't want to miss.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #02-76 The CENTRAL, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562240668
Website: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka | Facebook

19) Sushi Ichizuke

Sushi Ichizuke - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Sushi Ichizuke | Google Map

Set out on a gastronomic adventure at Sushi Ichizuke at River Valley Road, where Chef Daisuke Suzuki's mastery of Edo-style sushi-making shines through in every dish. The sleek and vibrant interiors, set the stage for a unique culinary experience.

The restaurant offers an exquisite omakase menu, showcasing Chef Suzuki's own culinary signature style. The Kinmedai with Monkfish Liver is a crowd favourite. Slow-poached in water, sake, salt, and konbu, the fish slices are paired with rich monkfish liver and finished with orange vinegar soy sauce. The Steamed Awabi, featuring abalone from Shimane prefecture, is another highlight. Served with abalone liver sauce and Chef Suzuki's signature shari, which is seasoned with a special 12-year-old red vinegar, it is a true delight for the senses. Book your spot now at sevenrooms.com for an unforgettable meal.

Address: 3E River Valley Road #02-02, Clarke Quay, The Cannery, Singapore 179024
Call: +6594898357
Website: Sushi Ichizuke | Facebook | Instagram

20) Mitsuba

Mitsuba - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Mitsuba | Google Map

Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant, is renowned for its exceptional and economical meals. Whether you're in the mood for a la carte delicacies or an all-you-can-eat a-la-carte buffet, Mitsuba has something for everyone.

Feast your senses on their famous Thick Cut sashimi, succulent salmon sashimi, mouth-watering swordfish sashimi, exquisite salmon mentaiko sushi, tantalizing assorted tempura, heavenly mentaiko spaghetti, and delectable rice bowls like Oyako Don and Unagi Yakimeshi. Mitsuba's cutting-edge service features four state-of-the-art delivery robots, adding to the restaurant's allure and sophistication. Make a reservation at quandoo.sg for a memorable culinary experience.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #03-88, Singapore 059817
Call: +6562270388
Website: Mitsuba | Facebook

21) Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Here Kitty Kitty | Google Map

Here Kitty Kitty is a seductive haven nestled in the heart of Clarke Quay at River Valley Road. With its eclectic interiors, vice dens, and cosy nooks, this hidden gem offers contemporary Japanese light bites and uniquely crafted speciality cocktails.

Indulge in the Smokin' Ocean Jewels, uni and ikura tartlets served in a smoked wooden box, and the fiery Ebi Sriracha, deep fried prawns in tempura with sriracha mayo and tobiko. Another must-try is the Chef Angus Wagyu Sando, breaded, deep-fried A4 Miyazaki Striploin sandwiched between grilled toast, crowned with caviar and gold dust. Accompany your meal with the signature Geisha cocktail, fan-favourite watermelon sugar, or classic Ume Whisky Sour. Make a reservation at sevenrooms.com or chope.co and bask in the splendor of Here Kitty Kitty.

Address: 3E River Valley Road, #02-01, The Cannery, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024
Call: +6594898357
Website: Here Kitty Kitty | Facebook | Instagram

22) Cuba Libre Café & Bar

Cuba Libre Café & Bar - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Cuba Libre Café & Bar | Google Map

Cuba Libre Café & Bar in Clarke Quay is the ultimate destination for Latin American cuisine and cocktails. Known for its live music, wild parties, and delicious Mojitos, this vibrant hotspot is a must-visit in Singapore. 

Their signature cocktails, like the Capirinha and Caipiroska, are must-tries, along with their famous Mojitos in over 20 flavours. You'll love their Latin American contemporary menu, featuring dishes like Seabass Ceviche with Pico de Galle Sauce, Calamari in Hoja De Algas with seaweed sheets and cocktail sauce, and the Signature Mojito Chicken. Finish your meal with churros and vanilla ice cream if you have a sweet tooth. Book your table now at cubalibre.asia, sevenrooms.com, or chope.co, and experience a wild night as the dance floor fires up late into the wee hours.

Address: 3E River Valley Rd 01-03/04 @, Clarke Quay, The Circuit, Singapore 179024
Call: +6584180203
Website: Cuba Libre Café & Bar | Facebook | Instagram

23) Marutama Ramen (The Central)

Marutama Ramen (The Central) - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Marutama Ramen (The Central) | Google Map

Marutama Ramen (The Central) a must-visit restaurant in Clarke Quay for any ramen enthusiast. Known for its ultimate thick chicken soup, homemade noodles, and commitment to no MSG, Marutama Ramen has become a global sensation.

Their signature creamy chicken broth (toripai tan), served with their famous homemade noodles and delectable toppings like Char Siu pork, Aosa seaweed, and Aji-tamago egg, is a crowd-pleaser. For a spicy kick, add some Thai chilli to the broth. Their Yaki Char Siu and Yaki Gyoza are crispy and mouth-watering. The slightly spicy chicken soup ramen with the spicy chicken meatball with lemon is a must-try too. Call their number and book your table today for a true taste of classic ramen.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #03-90 The Central, Singapore 059817
Call: -
Website: Marutama Ramen (The Central) | Facebook | Instagram

24) Hooters

Hooters - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
Hooters | Google Map

Hooters at Clarke Quay is the perfect place to unwind and indulge in hearty food with friends. The first international Hooters store outside of North America and the first Hooters in Asia, this restaurant boasts a casual, laid-back, and fun ambiance that welcomes everyone. With indoor screens where sports bar plays host and a cozy alfresco area offering a spectacular view of the Singapore River, Hooters is the go-to spot for sports enthusiasts and foodies alike.

Savor over 50 mouth-watering food items ranging from seafood to sandwiches, snacks, salads, and Hooters' "Nearly World Famous" chicken wings, which come in different sauces like Samurai, Medium, Hot, 3-Mile Island, and 911. Indulge in their signature Buffalo wing platter, cheeseburger with rare patty, and refreshing ice-cold Tiger beer.

Address: 3D River Valley Rd, #01-03 Block D, Singapore 179023
Call: +6563321090
Website: Hooters | Facebook | Instagram

25) House of Seafood Clarke Quay

House of Seafood Clarke Quay - Best Restaurants in Clarke Quay
House of Seafood Clarke Quay | Google Map

House of Seafood at 3a River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, is a must-visit seafood haven, similar to the famed red house seafood. With over a decade of rich culinary heritage, the restaurant is famous for its award-winning Chilli Crab and Singapore's Best Black Pepper Crab, among other signature dishes. Located along the scenic riverfront, the alfresco dining area provides a romantic ambience to enjoy delicious food.

The signature dish, the Black Pepper Crab, is a must-try for all seafood lovers, while the Chili Crab is also a fan favourite. The crabs are huge, sweet, and juicy and are served with a special cracker to make de-shelling easy. The extensive menu also offers an array of meat and tze char dishes, all of which are delicious. Bookings are available via inline.app and oddle.me, so make sure to reserve your table in advance.

Address: 3A River Valley Road #A2-02 (ORA1) Clarke Quay Along Riverside
Call: +6564449000
Website: House of Seafood Clarke Quay | Instagram

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