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25 Best Mookata in Singapore 2023

Faraz Jamal

Mar 20, 2023 · 13 mins read

Your trip to Singapore is incomplete without trying out the famous Mookata dish here. Together let's check out these 25 best Mookata restaurants in Singapore.

It is one of the most cultural cuisines in many south Asian states (Singapore, Thailand, Korea, etc.). Mookata, also known as pork on the pan, is a mixture of bought a Chinese hot pot and traditional Korean barbecue.

This dish is made with provided raw food such as different meats such as pork, chicken, or beef served in a special sauce on a Mookata pot right before you. 

Other side options, along with your meat, can be vegetables, noodles, or rice. Other than meat, you can even opt for fresh seafood such as prawns, squid, crabs, etc. Over here, we will look into the 25 restaurants for the best Mookata in Singapore.

1) Siam Square Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Siam Square Mookata
Siam Square Mookata | facebook.com/SiamSquareMookata

You can fulfill your Mookata cravings with their marinated meat at Siam Square Mookata, where you can have a delicious meal that will make you feel stuffed.

This le carte has a wide variety of meat, such as different porks (belly, liver, pieces, etc.), along with a variety of seafood options, such as crabs, prawns, etc. other side options include different veggies and tom yum.

They are starting with affordable prices for a couple of servings and a buffet option for those who love eating from different varieties. Once the Mookata stove is set up, you can start cooking your meat with their secret recipe chili sauce (a game changer). By the end, their Thai green milk tea will refresh you.

Address: 6001 Beach Rd, #B1-63, Singapore 199589
Call: +6581196664
Website: Siam Square Mookata | Facebook | Instagram

2) Thai Hao Chi Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Thai Hao Chi Mookata
Thai Hao Chi Mookata | facebook.com/thaihaochi

It has authentic Thai Mookata serving charcoal BBQ, making the Mookata more flavorful than the stove ones. This la carte is present in the golden mile complex. Their marinated meats include many options such as smoked duck, pork belly, fresh oysters, and crabs, served with side options such as Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, vermicelli, spinach, and so on. 

Besides the food, the overall place is well-ventilated, along with an incredibly welcoming staff that ensures you are well served. It is an overall good experience with a very affordable menu.

Address: 908 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 787111
Call: +6585535581
Website: Thai Hao Chi Mookata | Facebook | Instagram

3) Le Thai Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Le Thai Mookata
Le Thai Mookata | facebook.com/LETHAI.SINGAPORE

Another one of the la carte restaurants is Lethai Mookata which is ideal for enjoying Mookata at the affordable rates of their meat platter that can serve from 2 to full families.

Their food varieties have fresh seafood such as crab meat, prawns, and squids, and their generous platter includes chicken. Their cuisines are organic and lavish- so your money doesn't go to waste. Overall their la carte menu has a wide variety to choose from, along with a well-maintained and comfortable place to sit.

Address: 8 Burn Rd, Singapore 369977
Call: +6593466349
Website: Le Thai Mookata | Facebook | Instagram

4) Chok Dee Thai Foof Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Chok Dee Thai Foof Mookata
Chok Dee Thai Foof Mookata | Google map

To have a budget Mookata dining experience, Chok Dee Thai Food Mookata is an ideal option if you're a fan of tom yum.

This le carte's tom yum soup is worth the try along with their other fresh items such as quail eggs, fish balls, rice, and well-marinated meats such as pork slices, beef slices of different flavors, erg black pepper, sambal, garlic, etc. Overall the Mookata can be bought in sets which makes it cheaper than many restaurants.

Address: 445 Tampines Street 42, Singapore 520445
Call: +6593434969
Website: Chok Dee Thai Foof Mookata | Facebook

5) 888 Mookata, Hougang

Best Mookata in Singapore - 888 Mookata, Hougang
888 Mookata, Hougang | facebook.com/888mookata

Another one of Mookata restaurants in Singapore is 888 Mookata, Hougang, found in the golden mile complex. Overall the variety and quality are ideal for such an affordable rate.

This Mookata restaurant's specialty is its platters with a wide range of veggie meat varieties, including marinated chicken, marinated pork, marinated pork collar, and other side options such as oyster, fish balls, mussels, egg, sweet corn, etc.

Address: 212 Hougang St 21, #01-349, Singapore 530212
Call: +6587980919
Website: Facebook

6) Som Tam Express + Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Som Tam Express + Mookata
Som Tam Express + Mookata | facebook.com/SomTamSG

This modernized dining offers an a la carte menu in Singapore in the golden mile complex. This option is suitable for dine-in, takeaway if you're in a hurry, and even delivery's your food.

Sam Tan express + Mookata offers a wide variety of options, such as marinated meats other than pork (such as pork belly) also offers smoked duck, and some fresh seafood varieties such as crabs, oysters, and other side options such as fish balls, mussels, egg, sweet corn, etc.

Address: Corporation Dr, #01-01 Blk 140, Singapore 610140
Call: -
Website: Som Tam Express + Mookata | Facebook | Instagram

7) Y Cube Mookata Buffet

Best Mookata in Singapore - Y Cube Mookata Buffet
Y Cube Mookata Buffet | facebook.com/ycubemookata

If you want to visit an affordable Mookata buffet, the Y Cube Mookata buffet is a very reasonable la carte option compared to all the other high-end restaurants. The overall place is air-conditioned, which gives the whole spot a fresh BBQ smell. 

Their buffets consist of marinated pork, chicken, fresh fish, and other seafood such as crab meat (crab flower, too), prawns, and squids. The meals are served with rice or instant noodles of your choice and, more crucial free-flow drinks and ice cream that help you end your meal.

Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #02-45 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
Call: +6591599152
Website: Facebook

8) Moo Moo Thai Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Moo Moo Thai Mookata
Moo Moo Thai Mookata | facebook.com/MooMooThaiMookata

If you have Mookata from la carte dishes, Moo Moo Thai Mookata is a good option. The menu is straightforward, with a few meat options, such as pork and beef, and veggie varieties to choose from, such as mushrooms, broccoli, etc. 

You can effortlessly cook your food in the Mookata pot present. Their seafood platters are a great option for seafood lovers. These platters are served with three sauces (special, sweet, and spicy). Overall, the prices are very reasonable, a comfortable environment, and a friendly staff. 

Address: BLK1015, #01-109, Geylang East Ave 3, Singapore 389730
Call: +6591901966
Website: Facebook

9) Mayo St Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Mayo St Mookata
Mayo St Mookata | facebook.com/Mayostmookata

Another one of Mookata places this Mayo St Mookata. This la carte restaurant's menu is simple, consisting of only two options. Still, their generous platter includes chicken too (garlic chicken, to be precise), along with pork belly, mushrooms, rice, noodle, hotdogs, drinks, and some veggies. 

Their well-marinated meats fill your mouth with flavors. It is worth a try for a good and comfortable Budget Dakota dining experience.

Address: 4 Mayo St, Singapore 208304
Call: +6560150568
Website: Mayo St Mookata | Facebook

10) Aroy Mak Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat

Best Mookata in Singapore - Aroy Mak Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat
Aroy Mak Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat | facebook.com/aroymakmookata

This option is perfect if you're craving Mookata in an incredibly cozy environment. This authentic Thai Mookata, other than buffet, also offers r la carte dishes with a wide variety, from meat to veggies. Their buffet consists of many options, including seafood (especially crab flower) and meat- such as pork and wagyu beef. 

Their tom yum is worth the wait, along with their instant noodles. Mokoota delivery is always an option here. Serving with price and quantity, their food and friendly staff will satisfy you.

Address: 476-478 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368191
Call: +6590520555
Website: Aroy Mak Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat | Facebook

11) Sedap Thai BBQ steamboat

Best Mookata in Singapore - Sedap Thai BBQ steamboat
Sedap Thai BBQ steamboat | facebook.com/people/Sedap-Thai

Another of the le carte restaurants is Sedap Thair BBQ steamboat. It serves your Mookata cravings thoroughly with its delicious meat, such as different beef slices (normal marinated or black pepper marinated) and chicken (standard or black pepper marinated), along with some seafood items such as prawns, crabsticks, etc. 

There are some vegetable options, such as golden mushrooms and cabbage too. Your buffet and platters are worth the money, along with a very comfortable environment.

Address: 166 Jln Besar, Singapore 208877
Call: +6596804883
Website: Sedap Thai BBQ steamboat | Facebook | Instagram

12) Phuket Town Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Phuket Town Mookata
Phuket Town Mookata | facebook.com/phukettownmookataamk

Another one of these well-known Mookata restaurants in Phuket Town is Mookata. It is a famous restaurant because of its different platters such as meat platters including various bacon, pork, beef, and even chicken (sesame slice, garlic, etc.).

 On the other side, they have other seafood options such as Salman prawns, crab fish, vegetables such as corn cabbage, and even different mushrooms, such as straw mushrooms, Shimeji, etc., to pick from.

Everything is well seasoned, along with their Tom Yum. The overall experiences are a small cozy restaurant with comfortable tables and a Mookata stove present.

Address: 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-1697, Singapore 560340
Call: +6586130826
Website: Facebook

13) 345 Mookata & Bistro

Best Mookata in Singapore - 345 Mookata & Bistro
345 Mookata & Bistro | facebook.com/SecretsOfThaiTaste

Are you looking for the best Mookata place in Singapore? Your search ends at 1345 Mookata & Bistro. This Mookata place has a spacious dining setup located on the west. Unsure about what to order? 

The most loved items at 1345 Mookata and Bistro include black pepper chicken, tom yung kung fu, beef slices, and basil and garlic pork collar. The owner's wife is a Thai national and prepares fresh batches of chicken broth and their well-known, tasty pork broth herself every day.

Address: 200 Pandan Gardens, #01-12/13, Singapore 609336
Call: +6587201345
Website: Facebook

14) Cheese Story Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Cheese Story Mookata
Cheese Story Mookata | facebook.com/CheeseStoryMookata

Mookata can be addictive. Once you begin liking them, there is no way to go back. To satisfy your Mookata cravings, this small restaurant at the corner of the busy street has got you covered.

The cheese story Mookata buffet features an extensive collection of seafood, such as tiger prawns, crab, crayfish, crustaceans, and oysters. The seafood station is the busiest. Their cheese dip is the perfect blending of nacho cheese and mozzarella- which is loved by everyone. The buffet at Cheese story Mookata also includes a free flow of drinks, and thus everyone moves out happy after paying $30.

Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #02-01 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
Call: +6586787876
Website: Facebook

15) New Udon Mookata Thai Food

Best Mookata in Singapore - New Udon Mookata Thai Food
New Udon Mookata Thai Food | Google map

Unarguably, one of the first Mookata in Singapore is the New Udon Mookata Thai Food Restaurant. Whether you're craving pork bone soup, tom yum kungfu, or wagyu beef, head to New Udon Mookata for a flavor-enriched meal.

Despite the menu of the New Udon Mookata Thai Food restaurant appearing pricey, the portions are good enough to serve two people, leaving them stuffed to the neck by the end of the meal. The ambiance is warm and welcoming, and a perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family, colleagues, or even have a solo dine-in experience.

Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #01-66B, Singapore 199588
Call: +6584519973
Website: Facebook

16) CHICE - The Original Chickata

Best Mookata in Singapore - CHICE - The Original Chickata
CHICE - The Original Chickata | facebook.com/Chice.sg

Finding a halal steamboat restaurant in Singapore can be challenging. Do not fret because we have you covered. CHICE has been serving the original Thai-style bbq and hotpot since 2016. The place is cozy and comfortable, perfect for dining out with family. 

CHICE is famous for its deliciously marinated meats, fresh seafood, and homemade chili sauces, which are to die for. The prices are very reasonable considering the number of choices you get. They also offer a variety of Thai-style icy desserts along with their famous mango and Thai milk tea. 

One of the best Mookata eateries, a great place to visit, especially if you live on the west side of Singapore. The locals love it.

Address: 2 Venture Dr, #01-47 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
Call: +6566554490
Website: Facebook

17) Kin Tub Thai Mookata BBQ Steamboat

Best Mookata in Singapore - Kin Tub Thai Mookata BBQ Steamboat
Kin Tub Thai Mookata BBQ Steamboat | facebook.com/thaisteamboat

Kin Tub Thai Mookata is just the place to satisfy your late-night hotpot cravings. The restaurant is located at 51 Boat Quay and is open all night. It has a small indoor cooking area, so you dine out in the open air. The place has a cozy ambiance and is ideal for visiting with friends.

Their menu has a standard cabbage soup base and a range of meat and seafood platters. The meat comes seasoned with sesame sauce which makes it even more delicious. Serving sizes are large and good enough for 2-3 persons. Kin Tub Thai Mookata uses charcoal steamboats to cook the meat tender & juicy. Even the pork liver can be cooked perfectly in it.

Address: 51 Boat Quay, Singapore 049840
Call: +6597879465
Website: Facebook

18) Bangkok Street Mookata - Jurong West

Best Mookata in Singapore - Bangkok Street Mookata
Bangkok Street Mookata - Jurong West | facebook.com/BangkokStreetMookataJurongWestSt41

Any Mookata lover must have heard of the Bangkok Street Mookata. It is one of the best Mookata places, with about eight branches spread throughout Singapore. Everything here is fresh, tasty, and affordable, so what are you waiting for?

Weekends at Bangkok street Mookata are busy, and we suggest you make reservations before you visit. Upon entering, you will be greeted with the aroma of meat grilling, which instantly makes your mouth water. For your order, you can either choose from their ala carte menu, which has about 45 different ingredients, or the 2 and 4 persons platter they offer.

Address: 498 Jurong West Street 41, #01-426, Singapore 640498
Call: +6588552929
Website: Facebook

19) Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Mookata
Mookata | facebook.com/mookatathaiBBQ

Mookata features an exotic platter of shrimp, and fish, a mini meat fountain of pork, beef, and chicken, and their signature sauces and homemade fish paste. As soon as the platter is on your table, it excites your appetite to the last bite. 

Even though it appears like an ordinary barbecue, it is cooked under extraordinary charcoal that perfectly cooks the meat and retains maximum flavor and aroma throughout.

If you're looking for a northern Thailand-like place to enjoy authentic Mookata, this is one of the best Mookata restaurants to head to. So when are you visiting Mookata?

Address: 216 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428914
Call: +6563442985
Website: Mookata | Facebook | Instagram

20) NEW KORAT MOOKATA - Golden Mile Tower

Best Mookata in Singapore - NEW KORAT MOOKATA
NEW KORAT MOOKATA - Golden Mile Tower | Google map

Next on our list of the best Mookata restaurants in Singapore is New Korat Mookata. It is an ideal place to dine out with friends and has some celebrations- located on the beach road. The staff is super friendly and ensures you are tended to.  

If you visit New Korat Mookata, you must try their signature pork belly and pork collars. Besides, you can choose from an extensive range of ingredients, including marinated chicken, pig liver, beef slices, turkey hams, and hotdogs. 

There are quite a few options for crisp and refreshing beer as well. The 1516 premium is the most in-demand and a must-try.

Address: 6001 Beach Rd, #01-50/51 GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore 199589
Call: +6587749292

21) Super Thai Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Super Thai Mookata
Super Thai Mookata | Google map

Are you looking for a new all-you-can-eat experience in Singapore? Then, Super Thai Mookata in Lavender Street CT Hub 2 might be the place for you. This well-ventilated eatery offers 50 types of meats, seafood, vegetables, and carbs. And you also get to indulge in different pork and chicken flavors, such as black pepper, lemongrass, honey, and mala. 

Also, don't forget to treat your taste buds to the irresistible Mama Tom Yam Noodles. This Super Thai Mookata dish will surely tantalize your senses with its explosive flavors.

Address: 114 Lavender Street CT HUB 2, #01-68, Singapore 338729
Call: +6593211087
Website: Facebook

22) Ah Bear Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Ah Bear Mookata
Ah Bear Mookata | Google map

Ah, Bear Mookata is not an average place. It is one of the best Mookata restaurants where you can expect to be wowed by fresh seafood and juicy marinated meat. And let's not forget about their special treat, the shark fin with real crab meat, mushrooms, and scallops. It's not just this dish that will impress you - the Otah here is also delicious.

It is grilled to perfection on the BBQ, and the smoky, flavorful taste will leave you wanting more. So if you are looking for a dining experience that's a little out of the ordinary, head over to 722 Clementi West Street 2 in Singapore. Trust us; your tastebuds will thank you.

Address: 722 Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120722
Call: +6581741780
Website: Facebook

23) Mookata - Bugis

Best Mookata in Singapore - Mookata - Bugis
Mookata - Bugis | facebook.com/MrMookata

If you are a fan of the Mookata buffet, you are in for a treat at Mr. Mookata - Bugis. This hidden gem is tucked away in a bustling town area and is worth the search. The buffet spread here ensures to satisfy your cravings with fresh meats, seafood, and vegetables. 

And the four types of homemade chili sauces will give a tasty twist to your dinner. If that's not enough, they even offer free-flowing Asia Farm drinks to quench your thirst. So visit Mr. Mookata and share a meal with your loved ones in its warm and inviting ambiance.

Address: 516 Liang Seah St, Singapore 188740
Call: +6588257550
Website: Facebook

24) Fei Mookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Fei Mookata
Fei Mookata | Google map

Are you looking for a place to satisfy your Mookata cravings? Then, stop your hunt, as Fei Mookata is here to entertain you. This restaurant is known for its succulent truffle chicken and signature sauce pork belly that will leave your taste buds dancing. Also, don't forget to wash down your meal with their delicious Thai milk tea. 

It's not just for the food, but Fei Mookata is also well-known for its location near the tranquil waterside boardwalk at Punggol Marina. You can take a stroll and enjoy the serene surroundings after dinner.

Address: 11 Northshore Dr, #01-S6, Singapore 828670
Call: +6582299228
Website: Facebook

25) Jub Jub M2ookata

Best Mookata in Singapore - Jub Jub M2ookata
Jub Jub M2ookata | facebook.com/jubjubmookata

Want to experience the explosion of authentic flavors when in Thailand? Then, visit the traditional family-owned restaurant. It is the first Mookata in Chao Chu Kang and promises to treat you with mouth-watering starters and sizzling seafood dishes. 

If you are a spice lover, don't miss out on their Thai Chicken Satay, Salmon Slice, and Green Papaya Salad. You can also savor the tub of Thai Mookata BBQ in its authentic taste here. The attentive and friendly staff will make you feel right at home, whether you choose to dine-or or take away.

Address: 11 Northshore Dr, #01-S6, Singapore 828670
Call: +6582299228
Website: Facebook

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