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18 Best Bookstores in Singapore that Every Book Lover Should Visit

18 Best Bookstores in Singapore that Every Book Lover Should Visit

Maryam Aftab Kola

Feb 12, 2023 · 10 mins read

There's an old-school charm in reading books in physical form in this digitalised world consisting of kindles, smartphones, tablets and laptops. The feel of gently turning pages so as not to leave any marks, highlighting lines that resonate and you wish to come back to, and the lingering musty aroma of books gives an experience unlike any other. 

For those who enjoy reading and buying books, this line-up of the Top 18 Bookstores in Singapore is curated for every kind of bibliophile. 

1) Books Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store

Books Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store
Books Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store | kinokuniya.com.sg

Dubbed the largest bookstore in Singapore and considered one of the largest in Southeast Asia, the mega bookstore Kinokuniya is a haven for book enthusiasts. This bookshop is located in the shopping mall or the 4th floor of Takashimaya Shopping Centre. With around 500,000 books, you will be spoiled for choice, as Kinokuniya offers a massive array of novels, magazines, comics, books and mangas. It houses titles in English, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Taiwanese and many more. They also sell DVDs, stationery, toys, games and CDs. 

The Kinokuniya bookstore considers itself to be a "cross-cultural cum multi-experiential hub," and rightly so, as it also hosts several book launches, manga and comic exhibitions, culinary demonstrations, mascot appearances and other exciting and informative activities. There is something for every taste bud and Kinokuniya will definitely "take care of your literary needs - anytime, anywhere!

Address: 391 Orchard Road 04 - 20 / 20A / 20B / 20C / 21 Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City, 238872
Call: +6567375021
Website: Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store

2) Grassroots Book Room

Grassroots Book Room
Grassroots Book Room | facebook.com/grassrootsbookroom

Reading is an excellent habit for understanding culture and history and contributes to the overall development of an individual. Founded in 1995, Grassroots Book Room provides an ideal platform for readers and encourages Chinese reading and gives literary achievers a platform to share their wisdom. There is no better place to be for Chinese history, modern literature and philosophy lovers than here. People inclined more towards art, drama, cinema, literature, life aesthetics, picture books and food literature need not feel alienated as they are available too!

It is a literary meeting place where different activities such as new book-sharing sessions, parent-child reading of picture books, reading together and film discussions take place. Themed exhibitions are held every one to two months, a few of which were movie poster exhibitions, traditional costume and handicraft exhibitions, picture book exhibitions - make sure you visit the bookstore when it is happening as it cannot be missed! 

Address: 25 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089839
Call: +6563379208
Website: Facebook

3) Littered with Books

Littered with Books
Littered with Books | facebook.com/lwbsg

This independent bookstore stands true to its reputation as one of the quaint, major bookstores with an enormous collection of literary treasures on every shelf. In Littered with Books, you will find titles spanning various topics, including travel narratives, short story collections, literary fiction ,non fiction titles, literary scene, award-winning children's books and literary classics. 

This indie literary two-storey shophouse is a treat for readers of crime, fantasy, thriller and other young adult books. Book lovers might find this place on the itinerary, and it is there for all the right reasons, as it is a must-visit place. 

Address: 20 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089486
Call: +6562206824
Website: Facebook

4) Basheer Graphic Books

Basheer Graphic Books
Basheer Graphic Books | facebook.com/BasheerGraphic

If you are into graphic design, look at this one-stop coveted shop for everything related. One of the most famous specialised bookstores has the latest and the best books on graphics, architecture, interior design, art and craft, product design, photography, illustration, product design, animation, photography and typography. There is something for everyone here. 

Basheer Graphic Books is located in the shopping mall, Bras Basah Complex. It has a Bargain Books collection where you can purchase basheer graphic books at discounted prices. Go ahead and soak yourself in the visually appealing art and mesmerising illustration. You will understand why they say that books transport us to a dreamy land because they really do!

Address: 231 Bain St, #04-19, Singapore 180231
Call: +6563361917
Website: Basheer Graphic Books | Facebook

5) POPULAR Bookstore

POPULAR Bookstore
POPULAR Bookstore | facebook.com/PopularBookstoreSingapore

A multinational bookstore chain that stands true to its name, Popular is one of the most sought-after spots for bibliophiles. Whether you are a casual or an avid reader, they have a top-notch collection ranging from science fiction, travel guides, biographies, non fiction books and many others. It is a go-to place for students as they have it all covered - crafty stationery, assessment books, art supplies, mass market publications, gift items and more. They also host book fests that gather large crowds due to their expansive range of titles and other literary items. This is definitely one of the best bookstores in Singapore you could visit.

Address: Blk 231 Bain St, #04-23/33, COMPLEX 180231
Call: +6563390772
Website: POPULAR Bookstore | Facebook | Instagram

6) Woods in the Books

Woods in the Books
Woods in the Books | facebook.com/WoodsintheBooks

An enchanting wonderland of stories with a particular focus on picture books, pop-up books and illustrated books that attempt to "the heart or tickle the funny bone of readers young and young at heart," - this independent bookstore takes you back on the roads of nostalgia and childhood memories. You will be able to uncover a world filled with illustrations and words that mould together elegantly and are coloured by the hues of imagination, fantasy and magic. 

Woods in the Books, as an independent bookshop, is very famous for selling children's books. Thus, if you have kids and you want them to explore on the book world, Woods in the Books is one of the best bookstores singapore you could find.

Address: 3 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168642
Call: +6562229980
Website: Woods in the Books | Facebook | Instagram

7) OpenTrolley Bookstore Pte. Ltd.

OpenTrolley Bookstore Pte. Ltd.
OpenTrolley Bookstore Pte. Ltd. | opentrolley.com.sg

Established in 2008, OpenTrolley Bookstore Pte. Ltd. is an online-only bookstore comprising around 15 million quality book titles. You can find Asian-American fiction, literary collections, superheroes books for children, best-selling fantasy mangas, crime, travel, self-help books, gardening, cookbooks, fashion design, architecture, wellness, and family - the list is endless. 

They have a swift delivery system of 4-7 working days, so you can order online and orders can be tracked easily. The service is really reliable based on the reviews. If you want to find books online delivery to your home. This bookstore could be the 1st choice for you.

Address: 8 Burn Rd, #07-13 Trivex, Singapore 369977
Call: +6565091706
Website: OpenTrolley Bookstore Pte. Ltd.

8) SKS Books Warehouse

SKS Books Warehouse
SKS Books Warehouse | sksbooks.com

With over 80,000 titles neatly arranged on shelves, this bookstore is home to one of the broadest selections of Christian resources, from bibles in different versions and stories from the religious holy book to other Christian literature. This coveted bookstore has been diligently serving the literary needs of the Christian community for over two decades. Apart from this, leisure books, CDs, DVDs, song books, children's novels, training resources and gift items are also available.

Address: 315 Outram Rd, #09-03 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074
Call: +6562279700
Website: SKS Books Warehouse | Facebook | Instagram

9) The Zall Bookstore

The Zall Bookstore
The Zall Bookstore | facebook.com/zallbookstore

Pegging itself as the "first Chinese-themed bookstore in Singapore that brings together chinese books, cafe, art gallery, craft, events all-in-one," this two-storey structure is a haven for lovers of Chinese culture, literature and art. 

 The Hubei-based Zall bookstore has colossal Chinese literary works (more than 30,000!) primarily dealing with history, local literature, humanities, and philosophy for all age groups. After you choose a literary gem of your choice, head towards the cafe because a combination of coffee and books can never go wrong. You can also have a glance at the majestic art gallery. What stands out along with the excellent categories of books is the enchanting black-and-white design influenced by the architecture of Jiangnan Watertown, with an arch resembling a river bridge. A perfect place to get lost in the world of books!

Address: SG 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #02-18, 238880
Call: +6562327549
Website: Facebook

10) Books Ahoy!

Books Ahoy!
Books Ahoy! | woodsinthebooks.sg

The second branch of Woods in Books is more like a small-scale museum of children's literature that offers thoughtfully selected books, graphic novels and niche titles that help readers to develop empathy and a better understanding of the world. They specialise in picture books and chapter books that reach straight into the hearts of intermediate readers. 

From iconic books by Roald Dahl to local literary delights by the History Workroom, Books Ahoy! takes readers on a journey for exploration and adventure beyond the page. They also have experiential programmes, namely, children's camps and creator programmes to expand new horizons in young readers. 

Address: 583 Orchard Rd, #02-03, Singapore 238884
Call: +6566840138
Website: Books Ahoy!

11) Evernew Book Store

Evernew Book Store
Evernew Book Store | evernewbookstore.com

A treasure trove of books ranging from a timeless and new collection of adult fiction, classic children's books, comics and graphic novels, vintage encyclopaedias, story books, and educational, business and religious books. 

The independent bookshop is one of the best bookstores in Singapore. It takes pride as a second-hand book vendor who gives "additional chance in life to the books." The feel of touching a book that was a part of someone else's library, the wrinkled pages giving out a peculiarly musky and woody fragrance, reading the notes they made on it or the sentences underlined, is an unparalleled experience for any book enthusiast.

Address: 231 Bain St, #01-07, Singapore 180231
Call: +6563381753
Website: Evernew Book Store

12) Wardah Books

Wardah Books
Wardah Books | wardahbooks.com

|A good bookshop does more than merely sell books. Founded in 2002, Wardah Books believe that the secret gift of reading is time. It has a collection of over 2500 titles in various genres, primarily about Quranic studies, Sufism, Islamic history, and philosophy. It includes other categories like wellness, literary arts, Singapore local literature, and children's books. 

This Singapore bookstore is specialized for Muslim readers. They can expand their literary journey by participating in a reading session, book club, read-aloud session, and author session that take place often.

Address: 58 Bussorah St, Singapore 199474
Call: +6562971232
Website: Wadah Books

13) ResearchBooks Asia Pte Ltd

ResearchBooks Asia Pte Ltd
ResearchBooks Asia Pte Ltd  | facebook.com/ResearchBooksAsia

Dubbed the region's largest medical, nursing and scientific bookstore, this bookstore is one-of-its-kind. Dedicated bookworms will find more than 10,000 books in these specialised fields. They also have medical models, scientific software, equipment, medical models and accessories, and science and medical kits. In term on research book, this place is one of the best bookstores in Singapore. Moreover, If you cannot find a specific book or product, you can request the store for special orders.

Address: 10 Sinaran Dr, #03-22 Square 2, Singapore 307506
Call: +6562525575
Website: Facebook

14) Ana Book Store

Ana Book Store
Ana Book Store | facebook.com/when.in.sgp

Are you looking for a used book or a specific comic? Then head over to Ana Book Store - a reader's dream place to visit and considered to be one of the pioneers of second-hand book shops in Singapore; run by a one-man show, it offers a rich collection of pre-loved, lastest, and rare books on fiction, non-fiction, magazines, biographies, politics, classics, spirituality, fashion, and many more. They are well-known for their diverse collection of comics which you can purchase or rent at steel prices ranging from $2 to $10!

Address: Far East Plaza #05-01, 14 Scotts Road (S)228213, 228213
Call: +6567372385
Website: -

15) Rock Gifts & Book Centre

Rock Gifts & Book Centre
Rock Gifts & Book Centre | facebook.com/rockonline.sg

You will be amazed to see the vast collections of Christian grace-based resources such as Holy Communion elements, Bibles, books for children inspired from the teachings of the Holy book, Christian lifestyle and gift products and books on devotions and prayers. 

Books by best selling authors such as Joel Osteen, Lysa TerKeurst, Max Lucado, Joseph Prince amongst many others can be found here. A well-lit, chic and stylish ambience featuring unique literary collections, Rock Gifts & Book Centre is a perfect stop, especially for those inclined towards Christian books.

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-07 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Call: +6566943007
Website: Rock Gifts & Book Centre | Facebook | Instagram

16) Times Bookstores

Times Bookstores
Times Bookstores | facebook.com/Timesbookstoressg

Established in 1978, this is another excellent bookstore that will make you come back time and again as it houses an eclectic array of books and magazines across various genres such as lifestyle, art and business management, fiction and non-fiction. They also have fine writing instruments, gifts, reading accessories, stationery and greeting cards for different occasions. 

If you want to participate in exciting activities, watch out for their events like healthy lifestyle sharing sessions, 3D paper crafting, and meet author sessions, among others.

Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #04-05, Singapore 238839
Call: +6563368861
Website: Times Bookstores | Facebook | Instagram

17) My Greatest Child City Square Mall

My Greatest Child City Square Mall
My Greatest Child City Square Mall | facebook.com/mygreatestchild

Children and those young at heart, irrespective of age, enjoy stories – be they of any kind. Pop into one of the best local children's bookstores, also known as MGC, to peruse and immerse in the world where reality takes a backseat and imagination is at the forefront - a place where words are weaved into magic! 

The unique, fascinating and varied collection of books is thoughtfully selected by a group of experts, along with recommendations and feedback from parents. It is affordable, making it a popular choice for readers, especially those with children. They strive to provide proper education and learning material for all kids - as they are the present and will shape the future.

Address: 180 Kitchener Rd, #B2-03, Singapore 208539
Call: +6565098921
Website: My Greatest Child City Square Mall | Facebook | Instagram

18) City Book Room

City Book Room
City Book Room | facebook.com/citybookroomsingapore

City Book Room is a wood-furnished bookstore with warm light preserving the Chinese heritage. Pick from a well-rounded curated selection, but expect more than just the Chinese titles - Nobel-Prize-winning books from Kazuo Ishiguro is sure to make the perfect free time read for your Chinese appetite. Conveniently located in the North Bridge Centre, across from the National Library Building, our bookstore is an excellent choice for all readers interested in Chinese culture.

Address: 387 Joo Chiat Rd, #03-02 The Modules, Singapore 427623
Call: +6569011583
Website: City Book Room | Facebook | Instagram

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