Asia Hottest Spots
> Nara Park (Japan)
Nara park is the home to nearly 1200 deer, which has become a symbol of Nara. They are the cute deer that can be seen at close range because they are very familiar with people. In addition to deer, there are also many travel destinations including Todaiji temple, Kasuka Taisha shrine, Kofukuji, and Nara national museum.

> Nami Island (Korea)
Namiseom or Nami Island is located in Gangwon Province, about an hour from Seoul. The location in this island is romantic, where many TV serie productions use the scene of this island to be in one of the romantic scenes in the series. You could visit Nami Island for the whole year. In winter, there will be plain snow all over the island. Then, you can expect to see Sakura blossom during spring and verdurous pines in summer. Autumn is the most romantic season on Nami island where ginkgo trees turn the island to yellow.

>Hallasan National Park (Korea)
Hallasan National Park is on the highest mountain, Yeongjusan mountain, in Jeju Island. Hallasan National Park is also registered as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is also popular to visit the park in autumn when the Island turns yellow and orange. You can also see the korean culture through museums, villages and others in this park. The area of this park is pretty large, so prepare your energy well to explore this national park.
>Myeongdong Shopping Street (Korean)
Myeongdong shopping street is the most popular shopping district located in the heart of Seoul. It is easy to travel and attracts more than 1 million tourists per day. This shopping street is considered to be the center of politics, economy and culture of Seoul. Inside the Myeongdong market, it is full of shops and countless restaurants so every shoppers should not miss this market.

> Shibuya & Harajuku (Japan)
Shibuya in Tokyo is a hot spot for new trends in Japan. It is full of shopping stores, modern restaurants, cultural places, clubs and much more. In addition, there are various locations that are well-known to foreigners, such as the Shibuya crossing, Shibuya Center-gai, and the Hachiko statue.

> Train market Ratchada (Thailand)
There is a lot of food and a lot of people everyday. Many of the stores here sell local products which is the attraction of this night market. The product is not expensive but we recommend you to prepare a lot of money. You can also take a chill on the bar zone next to the store zone.
Outdoor Activities
> Universal Studio Japan (Japan)
Universal Studios Japan is a dream theme park for many people, located in Osaka, where it involves many famous movies characters, including Harry Potter, Minion, Spiderman and many other characters in the theme park. It is worth having a sight of this fantasy theme park at least once and experience amazing rides in USJ. The waiting time in popular rides always takes time, so you may try the ride that you are interested in first, or you can also buy a pass to reduce the waiting time in some ride. There are various types of the Universal Express Pass ticket, so you can look further for more detail in these pass.

> Gala Yuzawa Ski resort (Japan)
Gala Yuzawa Ski resort is one of the most popular ski resorts near Tokyo which open for skiing from December to May in every year. The transportation can be easily done by taking the Shinkansen train and it is only 90 minutes from tokyo. The scene on the ski resort is spectacular, and there are provided places for beginners to experts, so do not hesitate to try skiing at this ski resort. The weather on the resort is very freezing, so dress properly to keep you warm.

> White water rafting at Kanchanaburi (Thailand)
Kanchanaburi is one of the most attractive destinations for white water rafting in Thailand. The rafting is placed on the Kwai Noi river which originated from the rainforest. It flows together with the Kwai Yai river into Mae Klong river. Both sides along the way of rafting have beautiful nature with many large rocket islands. The level of rafting can be easiest to hardest levels all of which you can choose the point to go.
Historical Sites
> Kinkakuji (Japan)
Kinkakuji or Golden Pavilion has unique characteristics like no other temple. The temple consists of 3 floors which are the palace(1st floor), samurai house(2nd floor), and zen house(3rd floor). The top two are golden. There is a large pool next to the temple, so when you look at the reflection, it becomes a very beautiful image. It is also a temple(castle) in the very popular cartoon -- Ikkyu-san. These attract lots of people to come and take pictures at this temple.

> Bukchon Hanok Village (Korea)
Bukchon Hanok village Is another symbol of Korea. Among the modern buildings of Seoul, this village still maintains dwellings and the aura of Korea in ancient times. It is suitable for people who like historical attractions. The word Bukchon means "North Village" according to the location of the village on the north side of the Cheonggyecheon Canal and Jongno area.

> Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Thailand)
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is in Chiang Mai province, located on the top of Suthep mountain. You would get some sweat climbing up some steps to the temple, but the view on the top makes it worth visiting .The giant golden pagoda is notable for Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, so do not forget to take a photo with it when you visit this temple.
> Shinjuku(Japan)
Shinjuku is one of the biggest nightlife districts inJapan, located in Tokyo. There are tons of restaurants, pubs, bars and others, especially in Kabukicho. It is a culture for Japanese people to hangout during the weekend night. Even so, there are tons of places to hangout in Shinjuku, there is a high chance that all places are fully booked, in particular for the places that sell alcohol. We recommend going earlier to have a table for hangout in Shinjuku.

> Clarke Quay (Singapore)
Clarke Quay is one of the most famous and bustling nightlife spots in Singapore, located on both sides of the Singapore River, with a pedestrian bridge called the Read Bridge which connects to SMRT Clarke Quay Station. It is renovated to be department stores, chill-out eateries, magic shows, and G-MAX reverse bungee rides.

> sukhumvit area (Thailand)
Sukhumvit area is also famous for its nightlife area in Bangkok. Soi Cowboy and Sukhumvit soi 4(Nana), the most famous redlight district in Bangkok, contains the biggest foreigner-oriented bars in the Sukhumvit area. Thonglor road is another choice for more luxury nightlife, as there are lots of great luxury clubs and bars with high prices for each drink.
Street Food
> Yaowarat (Chinatown) (Thailand)
Another area that is considered as a source of many street food menus. There are many delicious restaurants that have opened for decades. This place is a must go to hit the night before going to bed.

> Tsukiji Fish market (Japan)

> Hong Lim Market Food Centre (Singapore)
This is one of the top hawker centers that has opened in Chinatown before Maxwell. It is old, but it has been renovated to look clean and comfortable. There are over 100 restaurants. Some recommended restaurants are Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee, Cantonese Delights, Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun, Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa.
> Koh kood (Thailand)
White sand beach, clear emerald water, and complete natural condition are the description for this small island of Thailand. It has many natural travel destinations inside to travel.

> Koh Samui (Thailand)
Paradise in the gulf of Thailand. This place is rich in tourism resources that are unique, beautiful, and have different charms. The white sand beach is parallel to the coconut trees by the beach. There are also beautiful waterfalls and many art and culture of the local people.

> Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)
Ha Long Bay, a large bay that is part of the Tonkin Bay, is located in the northern Vietnam region. It is a bay with a magnificent landscape of nature. We can cruise on the emerald green water to fully experience nature in an area of ​​over 1,500 square kilometers. On the way to crusie, we will see a large limestone island rising out of the water with nearly 2,000 beautiful and great islands that have been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

> Siloso Beach (Singapore)
This beach is the hippest beach in Singapore located in Sentosa. It ,although artificial, is beautiful and suitable as a place to relax as well as a place for many exciting activities such as windsurfing, indoor surf, rock climbing, parachuting, and rope hanging.