Transportation In Bangkok
Bangkok sky train and subway, BTS and MRT respectively, are the easiest affordable way to get to the pedestrian area, also English information is available for tourists. However, by using only BTS MRT may not reach some of the tourist attraction areas, so plan properly to use an alternative transportation channel in a proper situation.
Public Bus
Public buses are the cheapest way to get around Bangkok. There are air-condition buses and non air-condition buses on each route. However, there is little English information to tourists so try to plan ahead and keep communicating with ticket takers to get you to the correct destination.
Chaophraya Express boat/ Tourist boat
Since many tourist attractions are located near Chaophraya river, travelling by boat is a great choice for tourists to capture a scenery view of Chaophraya river with a reasonable price and get to your destination.
Taxis are the most convenient way to get from place to place. Its fare may be more expensive than public transport but compared to other countries, Thai Taxi is much cheaper than others. There are tons of taxis in Bangkok, so it is not difficult to find some. Finally, always ask for the meter to get the correct fare and don’t hesitate to deny the deal when they don’t collect fare on meter.
PS. The available Taxi will show a green light in front of the car, while the occupied Taxi doesn't.
Tuktuk is a three-wheel Taxi in Thailand. It is famous among tourists to fully experience the scene of the local while you are travelling around. Price is negotiable and each tuktuk may offer you a different price, so go with the one that offers you a reasonable price and enjoy the moment.