How To Apply Visa In Thailand
Thailand, “land of smiles”, is an attractive country to live in, which most people are warm and welcome. Not only the culture that attracts foreigners, the charm of natural beauty also makes Thailand the suitable place to relax and learn new things. There are lots of natural attractions and historical sites to visit. In addition, food in Thailand is very amazing, where there are a variety of flavorful dishes to try with an affordable price.
These factors influence more foreigners to live in Thailand in both short and long periods. Therefore, VISAS are needed to stay in Thailand, especially for the one who wants to stay for more than a month, so here is some important information about the VISAS application.
Applying for Visas
You can apply for a Thailand visa in both
 -Thai embassy in your home country, if your country doesn't have one, find the nearest   Thai embassy near your home country
 -Immigration Offices in Thailand
Different rules are applied for different countries, nationalities, and visa types but one important thing for everyone applying in Thailand is --- passport with at least six months validity. For the documentation requirements, Thai embassy for each home country would require different documents depending on your visa type and nationals thus, the best way is to contact them to get the right document preparation.
For non-immigrant, it normally costs approximately 2,000 baht per year for single-entry visa while 5,000 baht per year for multiple-entry visa. It is also noted that the fees are somewhat different between each place due to the rate of exchange.
Health Certifications
Certain nationalities are required to show a proof of Yellow Fever vaccination but other than the aforementioned countries, foreigners are not required to show a health certifications to immigration office.
Proof of Funds
Visa-exempt stamp or visa on arrival applicants need to show a proof of 10,000 baht per person and 20,000 baht per family.
Proof of Onward Travel
Besides from proof of funds, A plane ticket of no later than 15 days from the date of your entry to Thailand must be presented to the immigrant officer for visa on arrival. Note that any tickets such as overland tickets (bus, van, or train) and tickets with no fixed return date cannot be used to be a proof of Onward Travel.
Visa Options
The Thai visa options are
 Business/ Investment
These are generally the main visas for more than one year stay in Thailand. Nonetheless, they all have specific requirements.
For tourist visas, they will give you 30-60 days to stay and explore Thailand.
With the right paperwork and preparation, we believe that getting the right visa isn’t too hard... so now let’s get all the work prepared so you can then have a good time exploring Thailand :)