7 Traditions That All Foreigners Can Participate In
The most famous festival in Thailand that has been known as water festival. Songkran is Thailand’s new year national holiday which people come out to splash water on each other. Originally, the main purpose of watering each other is to reduce the heat from the weather and to blessing each other on Songkran festival, so be prepared to get splashed and get you weapon ready to splash other.

Top tips💡: Get ready for being soak, recommend to put your phone in a waterproof bag and take a power bank with you because it is very hard to find your friend during the festival without using your phone.

Be careful❗️: There will be so much crowd during the festival, so be aware of your valuable items.

How can you experience🚶‍♂️: You can freely enjoy the festival in the provided area, for example khao san road, Silom road, etc.
Loi Krathong
Loi Krathong is the second most well-known festival in Thailand after Sonkran. One of the beliefs is that we float the “krathong” to pray to the water goddess when most of Thai people activities involved with water. Loi krathong festival is very romantic when we light up the candle in “krathong” and float it in the water, it will be a great scene to experience once. Thai’s couple usually go to float “krathong” together to for blessing during this memorable event.

Top tip💡: If you go to a festival in a group, you can buy only one “krathong” and float it together to enjoy the moment together and also reduce waste.

Be careful❗️:There will be so much crowd during the festival, so be aware of your valuable items.

How can you experience🚶‍♂️: You can buy “krathong” everywhere during the festival day and float it to the river or any pier near you.
Surin Elephant Round-Up
Surin Elephant Round-up celebrates the special history and connection that Thai people have with elephants throughout history. On the traditional day, there would be a parade through town with marching bands and the elephants well trained by Surin people. You will see the show of the elephant’s talents and abilities like playing soccer and winning a tug of war against a human team.

Top tip💡: Even if there are many ethical issues for this festival. It is one of the best opportunities that you can learn about distinct folk culture of Northeast.

Be careful❗️: The fee to enter to see this tradition is only 20 baths, so be careful about strangers who are looking to charge you more.

How can you experience🚶‍♂️: This tradition or festival usually organize in November at Surin province. For further information about date and actual place in 2020, we will update in this post as soon as we know.
Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival
Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival is the biggest Buddhist ceremony in Northeast Thailand. You will see the craftmanship that is sculpted by the candle in the pattern of Buddhism and Dharma. This craftmanship will be contested and showed along the display area. The tradition generally holds for 1 week from creating to show. We recommend you to come to on the showing date which is the highlight of this festival.

Top tip💡: The exhibits are truly spectacular but the weather can be very hot. You may wear a hat and should carry some water.

Be careful❗️: -

How can you experience🚶‍♂️: You can walk and follow the local people on the exhibition day. If you want to buy the tickets for the VIP seat, the price is around 300 baths to 1,000 baths.
Chiang Mai Flower Festival
Chiang Mai Flower Festival is created in order to raise awareness in preserving the beautiful land of flowers to remain forever. Last year, the festival opens with the nail dance of more than 500 people in Thai traditional costume following with colorful blossom carnival and royal trophy respectfully engaged of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. There will be more than 30 species of flowers such as tulip, hydrangea, daffodil, and many more. These flowers will be used to decorate along the route around Chiang Mai moat.

Top tip💡: This year Bubpachat parade will begin at 8.00 a.m. on 8 February 2020 which is one of the highlight of this festival (it is the parade of Miss Chiangmai 2020 decorated with many beautiful flowers).

Be careful❗️: -

How can you experience🚶‍♂️: The festival period is 7-9 February at Chiangmai. You can just come and enjoy the festival.
Yi Peng Festival
Yi Peng festival is Lanna Loi Krathong festival in Chiangmai province which local people are not only float the “Krathong” but they also float the lantern into the sky. Some people also decorate their house with the lantern during the festival which make Chiangmai become very attractive during Loi Krathong festival. The scene of the festival is memorable and it is a great place that we recommend a couple to participate in the event.

Top tips💡: We recommend you to book a hotel in advance when many people are planning to go to Chiang Mai for this festival.

Be careful❗️: There will be so much crowd during the festival, so be aware of your valuable items.

How can you experience🚶‍♂️: Just go to Chiangmai on Loi Krathong festival, so you can enjoy it.
River Kwai Bridge Week
River kwai Bridge Week festival is usually organized in late November to the beginning of December of every year to commemorate the history of World War II. The highlight of the festival is the performance stimulating the event in World War II with a great and realistic effect. There are also a big market located near the River Kwai Bridge during the festival to buy street food and local products.

Top tips💡: We recommend to book a restaurant near the river in early to experience full sight of the performance.

Be careful❗️: There will be so much crowd during the festival, so be aware of your valuable items.

How can you experience🚶‍♂️: You can find a place near River Kwai Bridge to watch the performance which we recommend you to go to a restaurant near the bridge to get the best view of the performance