Thai Airways, Thai International Airline
Thai Airways
If you would like to visit Thailand, why don’t you go with Thai Airways, the Thai international airline, where it has major flights available to you when visiting Thailand. In addition, When you go on Thai Airways airline, you would experience Thai culture at the very first moment of your flight too.

First, the cabin crew of Thai airlines will give you a warm welcome with a smile, and second, the food that provides you on the flight is considered to be a well-known Thai food that is cooked in the preferable way to foreigners as well. Thai Airways provide four seat classes, which are Economy class, Premium Economy class, Business class and First class. The Economy class in Thai Airways has a very high standard compared to other airlines, which many foreigners see Economy class in Thai Airways as “the best Economy class”. Due to a large seat space and high quality of service and food in the price range of Economy class, it is not surprising that many people are satisfied with Thai Airways.

Thai Airways provides 10 domestic destinations and 63 international destinations, excluding Bangkok, where most of the domestic destinations are handed to Thai Smile airlines, a subsidiary of Thai Airways.
These are the international destinations, provided by Thai Airways.

Asia / Pacific

New Zealand - Auckland
China - Beijing
China - Changsha
China - Cheng-Du
China - Chongqing
China - Guangzhou*
China - Kunming
China - Xiamen
Australia - Brisbane
Australia - Perth
Australia - Melbourne
Australia - Sydney
Korea - Busan
Korea - Seoul
India - Chennai
India - Delhi
India - GayaIn Hyderabad
India - Kolkata
India - Mumbai
India - Varanasi
India - Bengaluru
Srilanka - Colombo
Indonesia - Denpasar
Indonesia - Jakarta
Bangladesh - Dhaka
Japan - Fukuoka
Japan - Nagoya
Japan - Osaka
Japan - Sapporo
Japan - Sendai
Japan - Tokyo
Vietnam - Hanoi
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh
Hong Kong - Hongkong
Pakistan - Islamabad
Pakistan - Karachi
Pakistan - Lahore
Nepal - Kathmandu
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur*
Laos - Luang Prabang
Laos - Vientiane*
Philippines - Manila
Cambodia - Phnom Penh*
Shanghai - Shanghai
Singapore - Singapore
Taipei - Taipei
Myanmar - Yangon*
* Joint operations with other airlines

Middle East

United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Oman - Muscat


Belgium - Brussels
Denmark - Copenhagen
Germany - Frankfurt
England - London (Heathrow)
Italy - Milan
Italy - Rome
Russia - Moscow
Germany - Munich
Norway - Oslo
France - Paris

Sweden - Stockholm
Austria - Vienna
Switzerland - Zurich
Thai Smile Airline
Thai Smile Airways, a Light Premium Full Service airlines, is one of the subsidiaries of Thai Airways , which take care most of the domestic route instead of Thai Airways. As The position Thai Smile set, They provide a full service flight, including free baggage allowance, with a lower price. Seat space and some service in Thai Smile flight may be lesser than Thai Airways, but it still satisfied passenger needs in the short route.
Due to the great quality of Thai Smile, It won the 2019 Tripadvisor traveller’s choice for 3 consecutive years for Best Airline in Thailand & received the first rank among nine Major Airlines in Asia.
These are currently destinations that are provided by Thai Smile.

11 Domestic Destinations

Thailand - Bangkok
Thailand - Chiang Mai
Thailand - Chiang Rai
Thailand - Hat Yai
Thailand - Khon Kaen
Thailand - Krabi
Thailand - Narathiwat
Thailand - Phuket
Thailand - Surat Thani
Thailand - Ubon Ratchathani
Thailand - Udon Thani

22 International Destinations

Cambodia - Phnom penh
Cambodia - Siem reap

China - Changsha
China - Chongqing
China - Kunming
China - Xiamen
China - Zhengzhu

HongKong - Hongkong

India - Ahmedabad
India - Gaya
India - Jaipur
India - Kolkata
India - Lucknow
India - Mumbai
India - Varanasi

Laos - Luang prabang
Laos - Vientiane

Malaysia - Kuala lumpur
Malaysia - Penang

Myanmar - Mandalay
Myanmar - Yangon

Taiwan - Kaohsiung