Vietnam Mini Guide
Currency: Dong
Language: Vietnamese
Time: GMT+7
Visas: Some nationalities need a visa, some don’t (for 15-day stay)
Money: ATMs are everywhere. Generally, cash is preferred for transactions but debit cards and credit cards can be used in many hotels.
Mobile Phones: Local sim can be used in most kinds of the phone.

When to go
High season: July-August

Shoulder season: December-March

Low season: April-June, September-November

Useful Website

Opening Hours
Bank: 8am to 3pm weekdays, 8am to 11.30 am saturday
Restaurant: 11.30am to 9.00pm
Office and meseum: Generally, 8am to 6pm; mesuem usually close on Monday.
Shops: 8am to 6pm
Temples and pagodas: 5am to 9pm

Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Noi Bai Airport





Hotspot in Vietnam - 2020

> Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay, a large bay that is part of the Tonkin Bay, is located in the northern Vietnam region. It is a bay with a magnificent landscape of nature. We can cruise on the emerald green water to fully experience nature in an area of ​​over 1,500 square kilometers. On the way to crusie, we will see a large limestone island rising out of the water with nearly 2,000 beautiful and great islands that have been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

> Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc island located in Kian Giang province is the largest island of Vietnam. The island is surrounded by abundant nature just like the sea. Some spots can see the sand and coral reefs clearly below the sea. The villagers are engaged in fishing. They still live a simple and traditional life. This place is therefore very suitable for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle and rest the body.

> Doc Let
Doc Let Beach is on the Hon Khoi Peninsula. The highlight here is a beautiful hotel, perfect for two people and your lover. Doc Let is a clean, 18 kilometers white sandy beach. The north of this beach is the location of many beautiful resorts in Vietnam.

> Ho Coc
Historical site

> Hoa Lo Prison
This prison was built in the late 19th century by the governing of the French colony. The light yellow walls of the building and the blue-green shutters cover the cruelty of imprisonment occurring within this fence. Many Vietnamese revolutionary leaders were imprisoned here which includes the person who later became the secretary of the communist party. It is known as the most cruel prison in the history of Asian.

> Khai Dinh Tomb
This place is the only tomb in Vietnam that combines easthern and western architecture because Emperor Khai Dinh is the only emperor who traveled to France and he is the last emperor of Vietnam. It is built on a hill. The stairway decorates with dragon status and the tomb has dark black concrete structure reflecting Gothic architecture.

> Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi tunnels is one of the most popular travel destination of Ho Chi Minh city of all time. Here you will learn about the guerrilla warfare of the Vietnamese by climbing into underground tunnels that played a very important role in fighting on Vietnamese war. It served as an important base for Vietcong operations on the South Vietnam National Liberation Front. Local people and locals live to eat, sleep, work, cook ,and even go to the school along the 200 kilometers of tunnel length.

> My Son Cham Ruins
This place is declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 1999 due to its cultural and historical importance. It served as a Viet Cong headquarter during the war so some of the temple was damaged beyond repair. These monuments inside My Son Cham Ruins are dramatically unique, and as such somewhere that should not be skipped.

> Hue Imperial Citadel
Hue Imperial Citadel is located in Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province. It was influenced by China because it had been governed by China for thousands of years. The interesting thing about this palace is that it had been burnt by France in 1945 causing it to become an abandoned palace. Later in 1968, it was bombed by the US because it is a den of communists. In 1993, UNESCO came to renovate and registered it as a World Heritage Site.

> Ngo Mon Gate (Hue)
Ngo Mon Gate is the palace of Nguyen Dynasty. The interior consists of palaces, tomb of kings and royals, pagodas, temples, libraries, and museums. The highlight of this palace is the entrance door (Ngo Mon Gate) which is the gate for royals and kings only. Inside, the tomb of emperor Minh Mang is equally impressive. It is outstanding in both architectural styles and the setting landscape around.

>Bia Hoi junction
>District 1 in Ho Chi Min
>District 3 and 5 in Ho Chi Min
Outdoor Adventure

> Ba Na Hills
> Trekking Sapa
> Paradise cave (Phong Nha-ke bang)
> Kite Surf at Mui Ne
> Hoi An - Old Town tour

> Quang Ba Flower Market
Waking up in the morning to see the Quang Ba flower market in full bloom is like a giant bustling garden full of colors and lively smiles. This exciting market is full of flower shops and merchants buying and selling flowers to display in their homes and use as offerings in temples. Pickup trucks bring all kinds of plants and flowers from all over Vietnam to this market.

> Dong Xuan Market
This place is the largest market and has the most products to buy in Hanoi. There are 4 floors, divided into many different products such as fashion clothes cheap printed t-shirts, shoes, bags, sunglasses, Vietnam hats, and many souvenirs all of which are sold at wholesale prices.

> Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanah Market is Ho Chi Minh's largest and most bustling market. It sells things in the morning until late at night. In the morning, they would sell fresh things. When it is late, it will be all the fashion clothes sold until the late night. After a late night, there are various souvenirs. There are also many local restaurants nearby.

> Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh City
Takashimaya is the first Japanese department store in Vietnam. It carries a wide range of product, mostly brand names for middle to high shoppers.

> Han Market
Han Market is the largest ancient market in Da Nang. This market is considered as the hub of many products including fresh food, seafood, Vietnamese local food, souvenirs, clothes, and folk handicrafts. One can say that if you want to buy something, want something, come to this market.

Month by month
> January is often the coolest month in Vietnam, especially in the North where it could possibly snow during this month. You could have only a little chance to face thunderstorms on your trip this month when the average amount of rainfall tends to be at very low level. There might be a lot of tourist crowds in January, so waking up early on your trip could avoid those crowds.

>Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year is one the biggest holidays in Vietnam which is usually in late January or in February. Vietnamese usually go back to their hometown to celebrate with their families on Tet period, so transportation during this period could be more difficult. Some small stores and restaurants may close during this period. The weather is still great, cool and dry in this month.

> Temperatures gradually increase, and even warmer in the South. There is a Vietnam International Women's Day on March 8th. In tradition, men will bring flowers to women to show their love on this day, so you could see plenty of flowers are sold everywhere along the street. It could be the best time to visit the south in March where there is less amount of rainfall and experience a cozy town.

> Last month before it started getting hot and humid, there will be slightly more rainfall this month. Hue festival is also one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam which is held every two years, in 2020, 2022 and so on. There will be lots of art and performance that can reflect Vietnam culture very well.

> First month of summer season. Temperature continues to increase which could make you feel warm, even visiting the north would no longer feel any cold. You could see rain and thunderstorms more often in this year, so be prepared to have some umbrella. It could be very useful to cover heavy sunshine or cover the rain.

> June tends to be the hottest month in the North, and also another hot month for other regions. Sapa is one choice to avoid the heat when its temperature remains chill for the whole year. Nha Trang Sea Festival, the lively event at Nha Trang beach, is usually held in June for a week in every two years, in 2021, 2023 and so on. If you have a chance to attend it, do not miss the event and fulfil your experience with Vietnam culture in the event.

> July‘s weather seems to be similar to the weather in June. For the summer season, beach and outdoor activities could be a perfect match to it. So that, we recommend visiting the Mid of Vietnam, especially in Hoi an and Bana Hills. There are many activities to do and beautiful places in Bana Hills, and fog in this period would also make Hoi An and Bana Hills to be more mysterious and more romantic.

> August seems to be a perfect month during summer. The temperature slightly decreased from its peak in June and July, and the average amount of rainfall is not much higher from other months. Wandering Souls Day is another biggest festival in Vietnam after Tet, held in Hoi An. It is a sacred festival for locals and there is a specific ceremony in this festival that you should not miss.

> You could see more thunderstorms in the Mid of Vietnam in September. If you plan to go to some beaches in the Mid of Vietnam, watch for the weather forecast carefully. Harvesting season in Sapa also ranges from September to the beginning of October which makes September to be the best period to visit Sapa.

> It is slightly cooler in Vietnam in October. The average amount of rainfall drops in the North but rises significantly in the Mid. October is the only month that travelers should avoid visiting Danang, Hoi An and close areas because you could face a long period of thunderstorm that wreck down your trip. Travelling the North seems to be interesting when nature is fully nourished after the rainy period.

> The average amount of rainfall in the Mid and South is decreasing, make the Mid become attractive again and also make the South gain more attention. It is cooler and dryer in November, so travel in the South in this month should make you suffer less from the heat and make your trip perfect.

> The North becomes cold again, but the temperature of the South only slightly drops. December is the month that makes you have various perfect destinations, due to the dry and cool weather. You can visit the North to get chilly or you could visit the South in the comfortable temperature. However, December is one of the most popular months for travelers to visit Vietnam, so book early to get a better choice.