Thailand Mini Guide
Currency: Thai baht
Language: Thai
Time: GMT+7
Visas: Generally, no visas needed for visitors who stay less than 30 days *
Money: ATMs are everywhere, Visa and mastercard are accepted at most hotels and restaurants but not the local one.
Mobile Phones: 4G is widespread

When to go
High season: November-March
Cool & dry
Christmas & New year holiday

Shoulder season: April-June
Summer season
Very hot
Great for visiting the beach.

Low season: July-October
Rainy season
Monsoon season
Too windy in some beaches

Useful Website

Opening Hours
Bank(outside shopping mall): 8.30am-4.30pm, 24hr ATMs
Bank (inside shopping mall):
Bars: 6pm-1am
Club: 8pm-2am
Government office: 8.30am-4.30pm, monday-friday, closed on public holiday
Restaurants: 8am-10pm
Shops: 10am-10pm

Suvarnabhumi international airport
> Take the Airport rail link from Suvarnabhumi station to PrayaThai. It is the station that connect to BTS, so you can travel around Bangkok
> Taxi -- You can call outside the town or there is taxi station on ... ground

Don Mueang international airport
> Taxi -- ออกมาเรียกแท็กซี่ได้เลย

Chiang Mai international airport

Phuket international airport
> Take buses and minivans to Phuket town

Air: Plenty of domestic route from bangkok to each region
Bus: convenience to take across province
Hired transport: Taxis, Tuk Tuk, motorcycle taxis
Public transport: Skytrain, bus, boat, subway and etc cover most of the metropolitan area in Bangkok.
Train: slow but scenic
Hotspot in Thailand - 2020

> Koh kood
White sand beach, clear emerald water, and complete natural condition are the description for this small island of Thailand. It has many natural travel destinations inside to travel.

> Koh Phangan
One of the best destinations for the full moon party in the world. It also has a very beautiful coral reef and Thale Waek (separated sea). (Tips: there are many nice-view resort and coconut is very delicious here)

> Phuket - Kata Karon Beach
The second most blustling beach in Phuket after Patong beach. This place is crowded with restaurants and accommodation. You can easily swim and sabbath on the beach.

> Koh PP - Emerald of Andaman
Dreamy seaside town - beautiful white sand beach, clear water, beautiful coral. Gorges caves and over 100 small island combines to create a magical charm that impresses tourists visiting Krabi.

> Koh Tao
Second largest Scuba & Snorkeling destination in the world after Australia. In the past, the beach was full of turtle eggs because of the peace and natural abundance. Now, this place is a must check-in scruba or skin diving destination in Thailand.

> Koh Samui
Paradise in the gulf of Thailand. This place is rich in tourism resources that are unique, beautiful, and have different charms. The white sand beach is parallel to the coconut trees by the beach. There are also beautiful waterfalls and many art and culture of the local people.

Historical site

> Grand palace
The Grand palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha are the places that have the most tourist crowd in Bangkok which are attracted by their spectacular architecture and mural painting . The Grand palace was the palace for a king in the Chakri dynasty and Temple of the Emerald Buddha was the temple that was located within the Grand palace to be the temple of the Chakri dynasty.

> Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is in Chiang Mai province, located on the top of Suthep mountain. You would get some sweat climbing up some steps to the temple, but the view on the top makes it worth visiting .The giant golden pagoda is notable for Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, so do not forget to take a photo with it when you visit this temple.

>Si Satchanalai Historical Park and Sukhothai Historical Park
Si Satchanalai Historical Park and Sukhothai Historical Park is located in Sukhothai province, and was declared as a World Heritage Site associated with Kamphaengphet park by UNESCO. Lots of architecture in the Sukhothai era is maintained well for further historical study.

>Ayutthaya Historical Park
Ayutthaya Historical Park is in Ayutthaya province, which covers some areas that exist ruins in the old Ayutthaya city. The architecture in this historical park may not be in a complete form, but it exists a perfect beauty in Ayutthaya’s architecture and art.

>The Death Railway
The Death Railway was built during the Second World War to be a rail path to Burma, but now it is a normal railway in Kanchanaburi province. The railway along the Tham Kra Sae is popular because of the spectacular view of mountain and river along the rail path.

>Phanom Rung Historical Park
Phanom Rung Historical Park is a Hindu Khmer Empire temple, located in Buriram province. The building was built of sandstone and laterite and maintained in a great form of building. Another great place to enjoy the historical trace in Thailand.

Pattaya is a city on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast, located in Chonburi province. The beaches in Pattaya are famous, but the nightlife in Pattaya is far more popular than their beaches. There are tons of clubs, bars, cabaret theatre and much more. The most popular area is at Pattaya walking street where you can spend the whole night exploring it.

Patong beach in Phuket is popular for its nightlife. The most well-known areas are located on Bangla Road and at the "Paradise Complex". The popularity of nightlife in Phuket may be lesser than nightlife in Pattaya, but it is the most well-known nightlife place in the south.

>Khaosan road
Khaosan road is a well-known short street for foreigners in Bangkok, which is full of restaurants, bars, clubs and others. It is a famous place for backpackers to chill out, and prices of foods and drinks in that area are affordable. The street remains peace and silence in the morning, and becomes the real khao san road with much crowd in the street after the sunset.

>Sukhumvit area
Sukhumvit area is also famous for its nightlife area in Bangkok. Soi Cowboy and Sukhumvit soi 4(Nana), the most famous redlight district in Bangkok, contains the biggest foreigner-oriented bars in the Sukhumvit area. Thonglor road is another choice for more luxury nightlife, as there are lots of great luxury clubs and bars with high prices for each drink.

Outdoor Adventure

> Doi InThanon
There are various activities that can be done on this place including watching the mist in the winter season, visiting waterfalls, walking along the nature study route, bird watching, watching the stars in the night sky as well as the terraced rice field that would be golden when it is ready to harvest.

> Doi Suthep
One of the most wonderful places to visit in Chiangmai. At the top of the mountain, there is a temple full of golden buddhist design. Nearby, there are a natural waterfall and the Bhubing palace (royal palace) waiting for you to visit.

> Pha Hin Kup
( A very nice and natural trekking destination for beginners. The nature condition of this place is still very rich, which is like a house for many wild animals.

> Scuba & Snorkeling at South of Thailand
( The underwater world is another natural wonder that is waiting for you to experience, especially Andama coast that has been known for very beautiful cural ranked at the top of the world. Before the rainy season, there are many islands in the south of Thailand to swim, sunbathe, snorkeling, and scuba such as Similan island, Surin island, and PP island.

> White water rafting at Kanchanaburi
( Kanchanaburi is one of the most attractive destinations for white water rafting in Thailand. The rafting is placed on the Kwai Noi river which originated from the rainforest. It flows together with the Kwai Yai river into Mae Klong river. Both sides along the way of rafting have beautiful nature with many large rocket islands. The level of rafting can be easiest to hardest levels all of which you can choose the point to go.


> Train market Ratchada
There is a lot of food and a lot of people everyday. Many of the stores here sell local products which is the attraction of this night market. The product is not expensive but we recommend you to prepare a lot of money. You can also take a chill on the bar zone next to the store zone.

> Icon Siam
There are 3 main parts to visit at Icon Siam - shopping center, sky garden, and riverside. The shopping center is not only compiled with both luxury and popular stores. It is decorated with the charm of Thai styles such as icon craft and 8 auspicious pillars. If you are shopping and find the label “ICONSIAM”, it is the place that Icon Siam recommends to be a great place to take pictures. Sky garden is placed next to the Apple store. It is the part that can see the view of the Chaophraya river along with Ratchadamnoen road. Riverside is the biggest highlight that reflects Thainess. There are the iconic multimedia water features at 16.30, 18.30, 20.00, 21.30 (last update January 2020) which is very highly recommended.

> Chatuchak
Chatuchak market is the biggest market in Thailand. Thai people usually call it “JJ”. It collects almost every kind of product such as pet products, trees, furniture and many more. However, different products may sell in different zones and different zones do not open and close at the same time.

> Ratchaprasong
Ratchaprasong is the landmark of shopping in Bangkok. It has a skywalk that connects with many shopping towers, 5-star hotels, office buildings, and a big park next to the central world. This area is comparable to the global brand district such as Oxford street and Time square but it is located as the center of Bangkok people's lifestyle.

Month by month
> Peak tourist season, nice place to escape freezing during winter. January tends to be the coolest month, so prepare your clothes well, especially for the one who goes to the North this month.

> last month of winter, lower price in flight and accommodation compared to December & January. Dinner restaurants and rooftop bars are usually fully booked on valentine day, so book in advance for a restaurant that has a spectacular view.

> Summer is approaching, many families take their kids to have a trip. Beach is a perfect place to go during summer which will have a clear sky and clear sea with lower tide level in March.

> Songkran festival is a sign of the hottest period. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, your skin will be burnt without it. In Bangkok, there are only some provided areas where people can enjoy songkran festivals, so join the festival in the provided area if you want to and avoid festival areas if you do not want to get wet. However, in other provinces, you should be prepared to get wet any time, so do not be serious about getting wet and enjoy the moment.

> The start of the low tourist season period. Less crowds in attractions and lower price in flight and accommodation. Still a great month to go to the beaches, especially for the beaches on Andaman coast because the low wind,clear sky and less crowd this month could make your beach trip perfect .

> Rainy season is approaching, humid and hot. Plan precisely, and try to avoid rainy days during the rainy season. Some beaches may be affected by monsoon, especially for the beach on the Andaman coast. It is not raining everydays during the rainy season in Thailand, so it is not a bad choice to travel during this month.

> Not a good month to go to the beach, especially for the beach on the Andaman coast. Always be careful of any warning and do not disobey it for your safety. Some boat services do not operate on risky days which have heavy rain or high tide level. If you really want to relax at the beach, the beaches on Thai gulf are also a better choice.

> Enter the full rainy season. Try to avoid outdoor activities to avoid getting wet. There are many indoor activities to do in Bangkok and Pattaya, so you can take a visit to these cities and spend some time exploring nightlife in Bangkok and Pattaya.

> September is usually the wettest month. If you visit Bangkok during september, plan it well because raining in Bangkok could bring a heavy traffic later, especially at around 5 PM when people finish their work. That is, travelling by BTS or subway would be a great choice to avoid the traffic.

> The weather is getting better, but it is still raining some days. October is in the shoulder tourist season period, the weather is not the worst, less crowds in tourist attractions and the price of flight and accommodation are not too high which is great when planning a trip properly.

> Approaching cool seasons, less rain and cooler weather. Loy kra thong festival is one of the festivals that you cannot miss when coming to Thailand in November. Yi peng festival or Loy krathong festival in Chiang mai province is also spectacular when they release plenty of sky lanterns in the sky.

> Peak tourist season, plan well and recommend booking your flight and accommodation in advance because lots of people are interested in visiting Thailand during this month. It is not very cold in Thailand during winter, but you would need some jackets when visiting the North.